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Genshin Impact how to complete Encore! achievement and get free 15 primogems

15 Hidden free Primogems!!

Achievements Hunting is one of Genshin Impact‘s main sources of Primogems for lots of late-game players and it also serves as fuel for the players’ sense of achievement. Most of the player base overlooks this part of the game, but as they progress deep toward the end game it becomes a norm to go for achievement hunting.  With the release of Version 3.1, Many new achievements were added to Genshin Impact, One of these new achievements we are going to be talking about today is the Encore! Achievement.

What is ‘The Encore! Achievement

Encore! Is one of the latest editions to the Wonderer of World achievement section that unlocks with the new Sumeru Dessert. The achievement is not a straightforward one and requires following many steps to get complete.

How to complete the Encore! achievement in Genshin Impact

The achievement needs to be completed in the newly added area called Khaj-Nisut. To unlock this area we need to complete the World Quest Golden Slumber. The quest can be accessed from Bonifaz, an NPC who can be found just outside of Aaru Village in the desert of Sumeru.

genshin impact 3.1 primogem calculation, genshin 3.1 f2p and p2p primogems
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After completing the last act of the Golden Slumber quest we need to return to Khaj-Nisut once again and return to the Throne room. Before reaching the Throne room you will need to solve a simple puzzle. The solution to this puzzle is…

  • Operate the Elevator 3 time when it is in Red State
  • Switch the color to blue
  • Operate it 2 time when it is in Blue state

A blue button will be unlocked after you finish the puzzle and clicking the button will bring down an Elevator that will take you up to a room from where you will find another Elevator that will take you straight to the throne room. Right after reaching the throne room, you will be notified of your Achievement being finished. Go a bit forward in the room and you will find a Luxury Chest.

Encore! achievement in Genshin Impact
Image via HoYoverse


The rewards you will find after finishing the achievements are…

  • 5 Primogem from the Wonderer of the World achievement section
  • A Luxury chest (10 Primogems)

And there you have it, another achievement is added to your total Achievement Finished list alongside 15 Primogems in your account.

What are your thoughts on this guide on the Genshin Impact Encore! Achievement ? Let us know in the comments!

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