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Genshin Impact 3.2 Primogems calculation for F2P and P2P

More Primogems for the win!

All Genshin Impact players love Primogems. And in version 3.2, we will get a lot more of them. In this version, we will be getting some new characters, events and quests. On top of that, the final chapter of the Sumeru Archon quest will also be available to play. These are an exciting addition to the game, but we cannot forget the usual maintenance, bug fix compensation, live streams gift, daily commissions, and much more. With that in mind, here is a neat list that categorizes and goes through all the Primogems we can earn from the Genshin Impact Version 3.2.

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 update: Total Primogems you can get

Version 3.2 Update Compensation600
Daily Commissions2100
Spiral Abyss1200
Free Battle Pass5 Acquaint Fates: 800
New Achievements100
New Story Quests120
New Events2640
Stardust Exchange5 Intertwined Fate + 5 Acquaint Fates: 1600
Daily HoYoLAB Login60
Test Run80
Version 3.2 Live Stream Redeem Codes300
Web Event200
Paid Battle Pass (P2P)2120
Blessing of the Welkin Moon (P2P)3150

The total amount we can squeeze out of the game for F2P players is 9,800 Primogems, and for P2P players, the total amount is 15,070 Primogems in Genshin Impact version 3.2. This is a lot less than the previous version because it doesn’t have any new area expansion or an anniversary event.

Breakdown of All Rewards in Genshin Impact version 3.2

Let us break down all the rewards from the chart one by one and see how we will be getting all the Primogems:

1. Version 3.1 Update Compensation

As usual, before an update, Genshin Impact will go on a maintenance break in all of the game’s servers being closed for several hours. Afterward, the developers will give each player 600 Primogems using the in-game mail as a stipend for the burden.

2. Daily Commissions

Finishing a single day’s commissions will pay off Travelers with 60 Primogems. If players complete all of the 35 days of the everyday Commission without vanishing a single day, the players will pick up and add up to 2100 Primogems.

3. Spiral Abyss

In version 3.2, there will be 2 cycles of Spiral Abyss. Getting all 36 stars on each cycle depends on your character’s strength. But getting all 36 stars on each cycle will reward you with 600 Primogems. Thus you will be getting 1200 Primogems from Spiral Abyss in version 3.2, assuming you 36 star all cycles.

genshin impact spiral abyss
Image via HoYoverse

4. Stardust Exchange

Paimon’s Bargain will revive each month, restocking their Fates within the store. Combining Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, Travelers who purchase all the Primogems inside the said month will get 10 Fates. This means the total amount is equivalent to 1600 Primogems within the game.

5. New Story Quests

It is confirmed that the final Archon new story quests will be in the 3.2 version. Also, Nahida’s story quest will be available in this version after you finish the Archon quest. From all the story quests, you can gain up to 120 primogems.

6. Daily HoYoLAB Login

Daily login in HoYoLAB leads Travellers with 60 Primogems. But there is a condition: they have to log in consistently for the entire duration of the new version 3.2.

7. Version 3.2 Live Stream Redeem Codes

Before every update, there is a live stream that is held to showcase the stuff that is coming to the next version. In this live stream, they will share codes that will give out 300 primogem to the players to those who redeem it. But these codes have a 24-hour time limit, so if you have missed these codes, you cannot get this 300 primo anymore.

8. Time-Limited Events

Just like all the other updates, version 3.2 also has its fair share of events. From all the events in version 3.2, players are expected to earn approximately 2640 primogems.

genshin impact test run character
Image via HoYoverse

9. Test Run

Each challenge gives 20 Primogems, and a total of Four Test Run events are being added to the newest versions of Genshin Impact. In other sense, those who successfully crushed these new challenges will be awarded 80 Primogems.

10. Paid Battle Pass (P2P players)

There are two areas for the Battle Pass in GenshinImpact.One is the Sojourner’s Battle Pass, free to all players, and the other is the paid Gnostic Hymn. Players who buy Gnostic Hymn will receive rewards comparable to 2120 Primogems.

11. Blessing of the Welkin Moon (P2P players)

This strategy is another payable alternative for Genshin Affect players, where they will get 90 Primogems each time they log in to the diversion for a set term. Within 35 days of reliable participation, they will get 3150 Primogems.

Are you excited about all the free Primogems you are getting in this Genshin Impact version 3.2 update? Write your thoughts in the comment below!

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