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Genshin Impact Nahida guide for best build, artifacts, weapons, and more

God of Wisdom!

The long-awaited 4th Playable God character, Nahida AKA Lesser Lord Kushanali is finally upon us with the release of patch 3.2 of Genshin Impact. She got her debut banner in the first phase of version 3.2. Nahida is the current Archon of Sumeru who uses Catalyst as her weapon. She represents the whole Dendro element as the God of Dendro. If you have not read our Nahida pre-farming guide yet, check this as we discuss how to build the youngest Archon of Gesnhin Impact to her full potential with the recommended build, artifacts, weapons, and more.

Genshin Impact Nahida Talents and Playstyle

Skill Talents

After the release of the new Dendro element, one complaint the player base had was the lack of a consistent Dendro applier. Nahida seems to be designed based on this lack with her providing consistent Dendro application both on and off-field.

The most essential part of Nahida’s entire kit is her elemental Skill All Schemes to Know which deals damage and marks opponents with Seeds of Skandha which links the enemy together and procs the Tri Karma purification after triggering an elemental reaction to deal damage as well as apply Dendro on the enemy. Her Elemental Burst Illusory Heart creates a massive domain around her called the Shrine of Maya. The Burst also has unique buffs based on the elemental type of your party member.

  • Pyro: While Nahida remains within the Shrine of Maya, the DMG dealt by Tri-Karma Purification is increased.
  • Electro: While Nahida remains within the Shrine of Maya, the interval between each Tri-Karma Purification is decreased.
  • Hydro: The Shrine of Maya’s duration is increased.

Passive Talents

Nahida’s passive talents make her even more of an Elemental Mastery dependeth character with her passive one Compassion Illuminated providing Elemental Mastery buff to the whole team based on the highest mount of Elemental Mastery possessed by either Nahida or any of her teammates. Her second Passive Awakening Elucidated increases the crit rate (Up to 24%) and damage bonus (Up to 80%) of the Tri Karma Purification based on the Elemental Mastery she possesses beyond 200.


Nahida has access to some petty strong Constellation with her C2 being an amazing all-rounded Con as it allows not only her but the whole team that relies on Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon Reaction a pretty significant boost in damage.

Nahida’s Constellations
C1The Seed of Stored Knowledge:
When the Shrine of Maya is unleashed and the Elemental Types of the party members are being tabulated, the count will add 1 to the number of Pyro, Electro, and Hydro characters respectively.
C2The Root of All Fullness:
Opponents that are marked by Seeds of Skandha applied by Nahida herself will be affected by the following effects:· Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon Reaction DMG they receive can score CRIT Hits. CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG are fixed at 20% and 100% respectively.· Within 8s of being affected by Quicken, Aggravate, and Spread, DEF is decreased by 30%.
C3The Shoot of Conscious Attainment:
Increases the Level of All Schemes to Know by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C4The Stem of Manifest Inference:
When 1/2/3/4 (or more) nearby opponents are affected by All Schemes to Know‘s Seeds of Skandha, Nahida’s Elemental Mastery will be increased by 100/120/140/160.
C5The Leaves of Enlightening Speech:
Increases the Level of Illusory Heart by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
C6The Fruit of Reason’s Culmination:
When Nahida hits an opponent affected by All Schemes to Know‘s Seeds of Skandha with Normal or Charged Attacks after unleashing Illusory Heart, she will use Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion on this opponent and all connected opponents, dealing Dendro DMG based on 200% of Nahida’s ATK and 400% of her Elemental Mastery.DMG dealt by Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion is considered Elemental Skill DMG and can be triggered once every 0.2s. This effect can last up to 10s and will be removed after Nahida has unleashed 6 instances of Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion.”

Best Artifact Sets for Nahida in Genshin Impact

1. Gilded Dream

Nahida’s whole kit relies heavily on Elemental Mastery, the more you can give to her the better she will get in Genshin Impact. The 4 piece Gilded Dream is currently the best Elemental Mastery based Artifact set with the potential to increase her EM up to 230 with proper setup.

gilded dreams
Image via HoYoverse
2-Piece SetEM increased by 80
4-Piece SetWithin 8s of triggering an Elemental Reaction, the character equipping this will obtain buffs based on the Elemental Type of the other party members. ATK is increased by 14% for each member whose Elemental Type is the same as the equipping character, and EM is increased by 50 for every member with a different Elemental Type. Each of the buffs will count up to 3 characters. This effect can be triggered once every 8s and even when not on the field.

2. Deepwood Memories

The 4-piece Deepwood Memory set is a must-have set for any team that has Dendro DPS or relies on Bloom Reaction as it reduces the Dendro resistance of the enemy by 30%. If none of her party members is using this set then it is better to go for Deepwood 4-piece than any other Artifact set.

genshin,impact,Deepwood memories
Image via HoYoverse
2-Piece Set15% Dendro DMG Bonus
4-Piece SetAfter Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the targets’ Dendro RES will be decreased by 30% for 8s. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field.

Best Weapon For Nahida in Genshin Impact

1. A Thousand Floating Dreams

The Brand new catalyst A Thousand Floating Dream is the signature weapon that was released alongside Nahida. it is currently her best in slot Weapon. The weapon is wonderful to deal good damage as well as to support the party member. It also has

a thousand floating dream
Image via HoYoverse
Bonus EffectElemental Mastery + 265
SkillA Thousand Nights’ Dawnsong: equipping Character gains buffs based on other party members’ elemental type. If their elemental type is the same as the equipping character, Elemental Mastery is increased by 32. If not, the equipping character’s elemental DMG Bonus is increased by 10%. Each effect can stack by a maximum of 3. All nearby party members will also gain an additional 40 Elemental Mastery.

2. Wandering Evenstar

One of the latest four-star catalyst users is a good option to go for Nahida as it has an EM substat as well as a passive that provides her with a decent attack to both her and a small attack bonus to her whole party. The attack stat isn’t that desirable for Nahida but if you are on field with her and dealing good damage with her Normal Attack then it can be a good stat worth aiming for.

genhin impact weapon, wandering evenstar
Image via HoYoverse
Base ATK42
Bonus EffectElemental Mastery +36
SkillWilding Nightstar: The following effect will trigger every 10s: The equipping character will gain 24% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK for 12s, with nearby party members gaining 30% of this buff for the same duration Multiple instances of this weapon can allow this buff to stack. This effect will still trigger even if the character is not on the field.

3. Magic Guide

Surprisingly, The three-Star weapon Magic Guide is an excellent free-to-play weapon for Nahida. The weapon has a secondary EM stat and a passive that is good and strong for Nahida at R5. since it is a 3-star weapon getting it to R5 is doable for everyone.

genshin impact weapon, magic guide
Image via HoYoverse
Base ATK38
Bonus EffectElemental Mastery + 41
SkillBane of Storm and Tide
・Increases DMG against enemies affected by Hydro or Electro by 24%.(R5)

Ascension Materials for Nahida in Genshin Impact

To level up Nahida to level 90, the following Materials and Mora are required.

Lv.20→Lv.40Mora ×20,000
Fungal Spores ×3
Nagadus Emerald Sliver ×1
Kalpalata Lotus ×3
Lv.40→Lv.50Mora ×40,000
Fungal Spores ×15
Nagadus Emerald Fragment ×3
Kalpalata Lotus ×10
Quelled Creeper ×2
Lv.50→Lv.60Mora ×60,000
Luminescent Pollen ×12
Nagadus Emerald Fragment ×6
Kalpalata Lotus ×20
Quelled Creeper ×4
Lv.60→Lv.70Mora ×80,000
Luminescent Pollen ×18
Nagadus Emerald Chunk ×3
Kalpalata Lotus ×30
Quelled Creeper ×8
Lv.70→Lv.80Mora ×100,000
Crystalline Cyst Dust ×12
Nagadus Emerald Chunk ×6
Kalpalata Lotus ×45
Quelled Creeper ×12
Lv.80→Lv.90Mora ×120,000
Crystalline Cyst Dust ×24
Nagadus Emerald Gemstone ×6
Kalpalata Lotus ×60
Quelled Creeper ×20

Talent Materials

The following materials are required to level up one talent to level 10. 

Daily Drops of Talent books Tue/Fri/Sun

  • Teachings of Ingenuity x3
  • Guide to Ingenuity x21
  • Philosophies of Ingenuity x38

Enemy Drops

  • Fungal Spores x6
  • Luminescent Pollen x22
  • Crystalline Cyst Dust x31

Weekly Boss and Crown

  • Scaramouche Boss Challenge Reward Puppet Strings x6
  • Crown of Insight x1

Best Team Comps for Nahida in Genshin Impact

Nahida is currently the best dendro Character for dednro application in Genshin Impact and any team can fit into any team that wants a fast and constant Dendro application. She Is also very flexible when it comes to her own DPS team but Hyperbloom and Double Electro are the best way to go if you want maximum output.

1. Best Hyperbloom Team

Genshin impact, Hyperbloom
Image via HoYoverse

The idea of Hyperbloom team is to run max amount of EM on your Electro character and creating as much as possible bloom seed on field to break them using your own electro character. A Free to Play Friendly Hyperbloom team for Nahida can be…

  • Nahida
  • Kuki Shinobu (Full Em)
  • Xingqiu
  • Flexible Spot

2. Nahida’s Double Electro Team

This team allows Nahida to constantly proc Spread Reaction as well as your Electro character to proc Aggravate. The idea of this team is to constantly apply Dendro and Electro on the enemy to proc both Aggravate and Spread reactions over and over. A Free to Play Friendly team for this can be,

  • Nahida
  • Kuki Shinobu
  • Beidou
  • Sucrose

Special Dish

With new Characters comes a new dish and nahida brings with her a Sumeru Special

Name: Halvamazd

genshin impact, nahida's special dish
Image via HoYoverse

Effect: Increases all party members’ DEF by 282 for 300s. In Co-Op Mode, this effect only applies to your own characters.

Did this guide help you to build your Nahida in Genshin Impact to her best potential? Let us know in the comments below!

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