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Tower of Fantasy guide: How many Gold and Red Nucleus you can get every month

A simple calculation

The gold nucleus and the Red nucleus have always been the center point for the players who are related to the latest gacha title of Level infinite, the Tower of Fantasy. Oftentimes, this new game’s currency system is dubbed as super confusing by players who are not used to the gacha system. But after playing for a few days or following currency guides, players can get a proper understanding of which currency is hard to get and which currency has more worth.

Gold Nucleus and the Red nucleus have been the important currency of the game and are often dubbed as the premium currency of the game. Sadly, these currencies are not easy to get like other currencies and not even the buy procedure is straightforward. These currencies often come as a reward for purchasing packs and passes. But there are limits on how many of these currencies players can have. In this article, we will find out how many Gold and Red nuclei you can get every month.

Average limit for free-to-play players in Tower of Fantasy

Free-to-play players include those individuals who do not purchase packages and passes that are shown on the purchase screen. A free-to-play player can get up to 47 red nuclei and 51 gold nuclei in a month. Events are not included.

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Average limit for players who invests in purchases in Tower of Fantasy

Since the game offers multiple options to enroll in different purchases, the amount also varies on the purchase preferences of individuals. The purchasable items taken under the consideration include a Monthly pass, a Standard battle pass, a Deluxe battle pass, and also, weekly battle passes. Let’s see what is the differences in ranges in the purchasable items.

1. Monthly Pass only

Tower of Fantasy offers a monthly pass to all the players that last for 1 month. The package costs approximately $5. The players who are subscribed to the pass can get 71 red nuclei and 51 gold nuclei. In comparison, this one is the cheapest plan amongst the other plans.

2. Monthly pass and Standard battle pass combined

Aside from the monthly pass, the game also offers a standard battle pass. The monthly pass costs approximately $5, while the standard battle pass costs approximately $10. With the subscriptions combined, players can get 83 red nuclei and 51 gold nuclei.

3. Monthly Pass, Deluxe Battle Pass, and Weekly Pack combined

The game offers 2 types of battle passes among which, the deluxe battle pass is the highest of its class as it features more than what a standard battle pass offers. The game also features weekly packs that last for 7 days with an option for players to buy it multiple times.

Tower of Fantasy Gold and Red nucleus limit
Image via Mox | Imoxator | Elegy | NA on Discord

For the calculation, we have counted 4 weekly packs. The Deluxe battle pass costs approximately $20, while the weekly pack costs approximately $25 for each. So 4 weekly packs cost nearly 100$, which totals approximately $125. The players subscribed with this combination can get 191 red nuclei and 51 gold nuclei.

Keep in mind that this data is based on possibility. Gold and Red nucleus can also be achieved by means of different conversions. The rewards mentioned here are based on the calculation per month. The costs of different packs and passes might vary because of different factors.

That’s all you need to know about how many red and gold nuclei can be obtained. Hope you have liked our articles. Feel free to go through other articles on Tower of Fantasy CN 2.2 update details and how to get free gifts daily in Tower of Fantasy.

We hope that this guide on how much gold and red nucleus a player can get each month will be useful for you to enjoy the game better. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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