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Need For Speed Unbound: How to earn money faster

In the end it's all about money, isn't it?

In the Lakeshore city of NFS Unbound, nothing comes free, everything has a price and it’s the money that talks. Right from the start, you will find the importance of money in the game as the AI opponents in the game are hard to beat and the only way forward are the upgrades that require you to have money. So in this Need For Speed Unbound guide, we’ll discuss the ways (plus a secret rumored to be glitch) that you can use to get some cash or money early on in the game.

To be very honest like every other NFS game, it’s hard initially to earn money and the game makes it more challenging as you don’t have a very nice ride in the beginning, you have to work your way through these upgrades. However, if you are starting new, make sure to check out these best NFS Unbound tips and tricks to get a headstart.

But as you progress further down the line in the main campaign, the rewards keep on increasing, hence makes it easier for the players to accumulate cash. Other methods would be online races in multiplayer modes.

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Best ways to earn money in NFS unbound

1. Winning races

As you progress down the line, the rewards keep on increasing in the main story. Hence once you are well into the story, you would find it easier to accumulate cash and upgrade your car. The difficulty has a say in the payment as well, more difficult races pay out more money.

2. Placing bets

If you are confident enough in your ride & are sure that you would smoke the rest, then please be sure of placing a bet on yourself before the race, pay isn’t that much, but money is money.

Need for speed Unbound screenshot, NFS Unbound, Need for speed.
Image via EA

3. Collectibles

Collectibles are scattered all across the map, there are almost 22 regions in the map, with each having many collectibles scattered all around the region. Collecting them would give you money, which could be used to upgrade your ride.

4. Exploiting a glitch

Now coming to the secret sauce, the rumored to be a glitch that can be used to generate money, gamers are divided on the authenticity but even if it’s a glitch it probably won’t stay there for that much time. The game is still very early, EA would surely roll out many updates for the game in the coming months, which might take care of this glitch. To exploit this glitch, all you have to do is follow a couple of steps listed below

Need for speed unbound, NFS unbound, Need for speed.
Image via EA
  1. Gain heat level 5
  2. Go to the location shown in the following map
  3. Make sure that cops are on your tail, while you do this.
  4. Park your car below the bridge and let the cooldown timer start. Cooldown timer starts really quick in this location, this is basically the glitch
  5. As you lose the cops you would get the money, as soon as you’ll leave the location, the cops will find you instantly. Keep on doing the same process again and again, to keep on making the profits.

We would like to thank the YouTube channel Untied for their detailed video on the glitch present in the game.

What are your thoughts on our guide to how to earn quick money in NFS unbound? Let us know in the comments below!

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