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How to play and earn NFT from Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid

With the integration of C2X marketplace

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid is a carefully designed blockchain game from Com2uS from which players can play and earn NFT and eventually money by converting the NFTs. The game economy is very deep and well designed with various in-game currencies and systematic placements for casual and hardcore players. In this article, we’ll discuss how players can play and earn NFT and eventually money by playing Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid.

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Before we dive deep into the system of how the players can earn NFT (and money) from Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid, we need to understand how the currencies are designed and how are they related to the game economy.

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid in-game currencies

1. Soul Stones

Soul Stones are rare pieces of jewels that are used to craft [SSR] gear and purchase the most valuable of items at the Shop. You’ll be awarded these unique stones for outplaying the competition in the Adventurer League. You can exchange Soul Stones for C2X at the C2X Station and use them to craft mighty NFT gear. For more information on Gears, check our in-depth Gears guide. The methods of earning Soul Stones may be added or changed in the future.

2. Mithril

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid, Mithril

You can earn Mithril from Mithril Mines or by completing special missions. Mithril is generally used to craft [SR] gear and purchase rare items at the Shop. You can exchange Mithril for CST at the C2X Station. If you want to know how to farm Mithril faster, check our detailed guide.

3 Dimension Coin

A Dimension Coin is an in-game item that allows you to convert Mithril to CST. These are earned from fin-game contents. One Dimension Coin is used at a time when converting Mithril to CST. Conversion is not available if you don’t have Dimension Coins.

4. Gold

Gold is an essential currency for your overall growth. It can be obtained from places like Adventure mode.
You’ll need Gold to enhance gear, learn skills, and upgrade your Relics.

5. Blue Gems

As you play the game, you will earn Blue Gems. Use them in the Shop and on Skill Draw.

6. Red Gems

Red Gems can be obtained through in-app purchases and used in Skill Draw, Accel, and other games.

7. Iron Ores

You’ll need Iron Ores to enhance gear. They can be obtained from Idle Rewards and Chapter Dungeons.
They’re used at the Forge and also go into crafting [R] gear.

8. Ancient Coins

You can earn Ancient Coins as Chapter Dungeon Clear Rewards. Ancient Coins can be spent on items at the Ancient Shop that’ll help you on your journey.

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid blockchain currencies

Com2uS has built in a decent system with its C2X Blockchain platform. From the in-game currencies Soul Stone and Mithril can be transformed into blockchain currencies.

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid currencies, Chromatic Souls AFK Raid NFT
Image via Com2uS

1. C2X

C2X is the Governing token in the C2X ecosystem that can be converted from Soul Stones. These tokens are required to mint and trade NFT collectibles. The exchange requires a minimum of 1,000 Soul Stones. Every day, a maximum of 100,000 Soul Stones can be swapped.

2. CST

CST is the utility token of Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid that can be converted from Mithril. These tokens are required to mint NFT collectibles. A minimum of 1,500 Mithrils are required for the exchange. A maximum of 4,000 Mithrils can be exchanged every day.

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid NFT

Soul Gear NFTs

NFT gear is often regarded as the most powerful in Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid. NFT gear comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of advantages. You can progress faster and earn more Mythril by owning and using NFT gear.

How to get NFTs through Minting

Anyone can get NFTs if they have the necessary equipment and tokens. To begin, exchange your Soul Stones and Mithril for actual tokens such as C2X and CST that you earned during games. Then craft Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid NFTs using your tokens.

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid NFT
Image via Com2uS

There are two ways to craft NFTs in Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid. But before that the players need to install C2X Station on Google Play Store, App Store, or Chrome Extension. And then create the Wallet.

Process 1: Level 10 [SSR+] Gear x2 + C2X + CST

To mint an NFT, you must use two SSR+ gears as well as the minting charge.

C2X Per MintCST Per Mint
Fee15 C2X50 CST

As you can refer to the image below, if you want to mint an NFT with two SSR+ gears, the minting fee calculation would be: 15 C2X, 50 CST + 15 C2X, 50 CST = Total 30 C2X, 100 CST of minting fee

c2x nft minting
Image via Com2uS

Process 2: NFT Gear x2 + C2X + CST (Craft attempts are limited)

To mint a new NFT, you’ll need two NFT gears with a total minting count of fewer than four.
Each piece of NFT equipment can be recycled up to five times. They can no longer be used as material once you hit this limit.

Mint CountC2X per NFTCST per NFT
0/515 C2X20 CST
1/515 C2X30 CST
2/515 C2X50 CST
3/515 C2X80 CST
4/515 C2X120 CST

If you want to mint two NFTs, each with a mint count of 0/5, as shown in the figure below, the minting price calculation would be (according to the table above): 15 C2X, 20 CST + 15 C2X, 20 CST = Total 30 C2X, 40 CST of minting fee

c2x nft minting
Image via Com2uS

Each piece of NFT gear can be used as material up to 5 times. Once you reach this limit, they can no longer be used as material.

Please remember that in order to mint or equip your NFT in-game, you must “LOCK” it in C2X Station. Don’t worry if you can’t see the enhancement level of the NFT gear in C2X Station. The enhancement level of the NFT gear can only be seen in-game.

How to get NFTs through purchasing

NFTs for Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid can also be purchased on the C2X Marketplace. The C2X Station is where you’ll find the NFTs you’ve purchased. You can then use the C2X Station to transfer them to Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid. These NFTs can be used as gear by characters in the game.

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