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How to play and earn from MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn

MCity Metaverse is a new virtual role play metaverse game that brings multiplayer social gaming features into the play-to-earn blockchain-based games category. And in this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into how players can play and earn NFTs, cryptocurrency and eventually money by playing MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn.

How to earn from MCity Metaverse

MCity Metaverse is definitely very unique compared to the games we have been seeing in this category, it is quite similar to games like Play Together, but also has a lot of its exclusive content. MCity Metaverse is aimed at providing players with an ultimate socializing experience coupled with interesting digital in-game assets and a chance to play minigames inside the game.

MCity Metaverse is a SocialFi platform built on the BNB chain and Polygon with the main aim of connecting people and erasing boundaries, at the same time the play-to-earn and NFT functionalities make the game far more unique than any other similar games. Not just this, MCity Metaverse incorporates a lot of basic and social necessities like entertainment and leisure to make the playing experience much better.

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In MCity Metaverse, players can buy houses and make actual money with the houses, buying a house on MCity makes them a VIP citizen. Becoming a VIP citizen in MCity has its own perks. A VIP citizen will be able to own House NFTs, Fashion NFTs and Dance move NFTs, all of which are an essential part of the game and be bought and sold on the marketplace.

Throughout the game, players will continuously make money as they chat with other citizens, play games, date somebody or even by running a business on MCity. The game features a wide range of emotes and dance moves, and also has voice chat and video chat features to make socializing much easier.

On the other hand, MCity has its own minigames which players can play and earn rewards to use later to purchase items or participate in community activities across the platform. The game also allows full customization of characters which can also be done by importing real life costumes.

mcity metaverse play and earn
Image via M-City

MCity has also introduced VR to make the experience more immersive and fun. Players can use VR to travel around the platform and participate in activities like minigames and dating.

How to exchange the MCT token of MCity Metaverse: Play & Earn

The main currency and utility token of MCity is MCT. The MCT token can be obtained by just playing the game and participating in the activities like land exchanges, completing missions, playing minigames and referring the game to new players.

The earned MCT token can then be used to buy land NFTs, play minigames, or use features like VR travel and dating. Players can also trade these on the marketplace to make actual money.

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