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How to play and earn from SID Eternal

Grind and earn!

The blockchain-based gaming scene is more active than ever and card-based NFT games are exactly delivering on the demand. Gaming enthusiasts are aware of SID Story, now Singta is launching a sequel named SID Eternal. SID Eternal is a card based NFT game which will give players a chance to collect NFT cards of beautiful girls and boys.

How to earn from SID Eternal

SID Eternal by Singta is a card based NFT game with blockchain technology that revolves around the story of the magic school in the parallel universe. The game is the perfect RPG card game with a solid story line that is immersive. The game runs on the Klaytn Network.

The game has a collection of NFT cards that players will play on, these sets of cards are called Sidian. Using Sidian players can earn cards and explore the world without any limitations. Each card on the Sidian is different from the other and has exclusive rarity, stats and levels.

sid eternal play and earn
Image via Sid Eternal

Players can earn cards by defeating the “irregular” enemy, or they also create their own NFT via the fusion feature once they reach higher levels in the game. Players can collect Sidians and merge them to upgrade them using materials to have an edge during battles in the dungeon.

Players can create groups to socialize and take on challenges, players will get rewards for participating in battles with members of their group. Magic Dungeon and Production Dungeon are the two classes in SID Eternal, players can join a class and the rewards they get will be based on the class they are in.

sid eternal play and earn
Image via Sid Eternal

How to exchange SID Eternal tokens

SID Eternal is the main token of the game which is aimed at three things, Utility, governance and agriculture. Players can earn SID Eternal tokens by defeating enemies and mining the tokens.

Once players have earned enough SID Eternal tokens they can use it to buy NFT Sidian cards on the official SID Eternal marketplace. To do that, players will have to link their SID Eternal account to their Klaytn wallet.

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