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How to Play and Earn from X-Metaverse

Grind and earn!

Just in the past one year, the blockchain based Play and Earn gaming genre has seen unreal transformation. With companies now moving towards the metaverse, this transformation is not stopping anytime soon. We have had unique kinds of games associated with the metaverse in the past, but X-Metaverse is completely different. X-Metaverse is developed by Hong Kong based LCBC technology limited and runs on the Binance Smart Chain Network. In this article, we’ll discuss how the players can earn by playing X-Metaverse.

How to Play and Earn from X-Metaverse

X-Metaverse is a Star Wars game which is based on NFT and Blockchain exploration, the game runs on the Binance Smart Chain Network and features battles, mining, trading and exploration of the Metaverse. The game features different types of spaceships and pilots who play the main role in the game.

X-Metaverse is set in the vast collection of galaxies which includes the Milky Way Galaxy and the Blaxy Knight Galaxy which are collectively referred as X-Metaverse. Because of a recent Star War the world is engulfed by misery, suffering and despair.

X-metaverse tokenomics
Image via X-Metaverse

Now, each galaxy is engaged in rebuilding and reconstruction but Blaxy Knight Galaxy is ahead of everyone. X-Metaverse has three powerful races, Alien Guardian, Humans and Smart Mecha who are fearless warriors. These brave warriors will take the job of defending Blaxy Knight Galaxy as war is starting to begin again.

x metaverse
Image via X-Metaverse

Players start with spaceships which will be their primary tool for exploration. They can go around and explore the X-Metaverse without any limits, fight against enemies or dig treasures in the vast collection of planets. Players are also allowed to trade token-based pilots and battleships.

The game features various modes with which players can play and earn:

Galaxy Exploration (PvE)

Galaxy Exploration is a PvE mode where pilots will go around exploring the galaxies and also discover new galaxies which are not inhabited by anyone. On the other hand they can also take over enemy galaxies by fighting against them.

x-metaverse play and earn
Image via X-Metaverse

Throughout all this players can collect resources to upgrade their fleet which will be the most necessary thing in order to easily defeat their enemies. Galaxy Exploration will get players rewards like Black Box Fragments, URU Metal Fragments, Energy Cores. The higher the level of PVE, the more rewards players will get.

Ranking Tournament (PvP)

In order to test each player’s strategy and skills, the game has a Ranking Tournament which will feature players going head to head against each other. As players level up in the tournament, they will face tougher enemies. Each season will last for a month and at the end of the season players with high ranks will get token rewards.

Star Alliance War

x-metaverse play and earn
Image via X-Metaverse

X-Metaverse allows players to form alliances, which allows players to socialize and also assist other players in their battles. Because the game has so many unclaimed galaxies, alliances will fight wars amongst them to decide who takes these galaxies. Players will race against battleships from other alliances to conquer the galaxies and will get token rewards for the same.

Space Jump

Space jump is a battleship race open for all players in the game. Each player will send a battleship from his fleet and race against others. The match result will be determined by the attributes of the battleship and the pilot driving skill system. The winner will get token rewards.

In the game, battleships, pilots and planets are NFTs. These NFTs are tradable in the market and can also be bought from the market. Players can buy planets in order to be eligible for Interstellar travel which is a planet NFT holder exclusive mode. Players can also loan idle battleships to earn tokens, and on the other hand players can make their pilots work in order to get tokens.

How to exchange X-Meta tokens

X-Meta is the utility token of the game which can be earned during PvP tournaments, PvE mode or even by mining and fighting alliance battles. Players can use their X-Meta tokens to buy NFT boxes to mint new items and buy spaceships from the marketplace.

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