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MCity Metaverse is a new Play to Earn virtual playground out now on Android and iOS

A new SocialFi Metaverse project for mobile

MCity Metaverse is a new virtual roleplay experience that has now landed on mobile, providing players with the experience of socialising, owning digital items, playing minigames and also, earning in return for the time and effort they put in. 

With a concept quite similar to that of games like Play Together, MCity features a sprawling urban theme where players are free to fish, drive, explore, go sightseeing, buy houses, socialise and do much more. Compared to Play Together, the game does look a little rougher around the edges but again, with something that has play to earn elements it’s more about the NFTs, crypto and payouts than a gameplay experience more often than not. 

mcity metaverse, mcity metaverse wallpaper
Image via M-City

Purchase houses and land, meet friends, visit the Statue of Liberty and do a lot more in the city

By purchasing a house in the virtual world of MCity, players will be regarded as VIPs and get certain perks while they can earn from the treasure pool too. Aside from that, playing games, completing missions, gifting, referring friends and other such tasks will help players earn from the game. 

Aside from that, tokens can be purchased and used for land, start packs, upgrading items, buying shares, at auctions and for much more. The game also intends to attract long term investors and improve the GameFi scene. 

Additionally, the game also supports VR and right now, players can get it on their mobile devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store. For more information on the tokenomics and other information about the game, check the official website.

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