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Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid Gears Guide and Tips

Craft the best possible Gear for you!

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid is Com2uS‘ latest blockchain game that offers players to explore the world of Rohan and earn money by playing the game. The idle battles are led by the in-game characters and the better the gears or equipment they wear, the higher the winning chance against the monsters. In this article, we’ll discuss all the guide and tips related to the Gears in Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid.

Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid Gear parts and crafting

Gear can be crafted at the Forge in Rohan. Mythril are used to craft [SR] gear and Soul Stones are used to craft [SSR] gear. A character can equip 6 different pieces of gear. Gear Parts include Weapon, Head, Chest, Back, Feet, Hands. However, each class in the game has its own gear. Check our game modes guide to know which modes drop which items.

Chromatic Souls AFK Raid
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How to enhance a Gear

Enhancing a Gear is very important to make the character overall stronger in the game. There are 7 gear grades (R, R+, SR, SR+, SSR, SSR+, UR). Gear can be enhanced up to level 10 using Iron Ores. Once your gear has reached its max level, it can be fused with other gear of the same part. Only R–SSR gear can be fused to increase its grade. Gears used as Fusion material will be destroyed.

The best Gear in Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid

Soul Gear is considered the best gear in the game. UR Gear is also called Soul Gear. Each piece can have different skills based on its Soul. NFT Gear with Souls mark is rare and powerful. Players can create, use, and trade NFT Gear in-game. The Soul Options of Soul Gear can be found below:

  • Fire Dragon’s Heart: Increases Basic Attack damage by #%.
  • Lightning Dragon’s Heart: Increases CRIT Rate by #%.
  • Earth Dragon’s Heart: Increases skill damage/healing by #%
  • Ice Dragon’s Heart: Reduces incoming damage by #%
  • Divine Dragon’s Heart: Increases all stats except ATK SPD by #%.
  • Evil Dragon’s Heart: Increases ATK SPD by #%, but reduces all other stats by #%.
  • Sacred Flame: Increases ATK by #% every # Basic Attack(s). Stacks up to # time(s).
  • Sacred Storm: Counterattacks with #% ATK as damage every # hit(s) taken.
  • Sacred Naissance: Reduces DEF of the target afflicted with skills by #%. Stacks up to # time(s).
  • Sacred Tsunami: Deals additional damage equal to #% of ATK when a skill lands as a CRIT HIT.
  • Sacred Light: Heals all allies by #% upon Basic Attack after using a respective skill.
  • Sacred Shadow: Increases incoming damage by #%, but restores #% Max HP when hit.
  • Flame Devil’s Soul: Reduces incoming damage by #% and increases damage by #% each time you’re hit. Stacks up to # time(s).
  • Lightning Devil’s Soul: Generates a DoT effect that deals #% damage every # sec when landing a CRIT HIT with direct attacks.
  • Earth Devil’s Soul: Increases damage/healing by #% on targets with less than 30% HP.
  • Ice Devil’s Soul: Deals additional damage by #% whenever dealing damage to targets under debuffs.
  • Light Devil’s Soul: Instantly restores HP by #% when your HP drops to half or lower. (Cooldown: 30 sec)
  • Dark Devil’s Soul: Reduces ATK SPD by #%, but increases skill damage by #%.
  • Fire Lord’s Essence: Increases damage, healing, and Barrier absorption of Fire skills by #%.
  • Lightning Lord’s Essence: Increases damage, healing, and Barrier absorption of Lightning skills by #%.

Hope this Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid Gears guide will help the players the craft the best possible in the game.

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