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How to play and earn from A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive is available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms!!

A3: Still Alive is blockchain game developed and published by the famous Korean game development and publishing company Netmarble. A3: Still Alive is a dark fantasy MMORPG, set in the past where players will fight in a battle royale competition on a battlefield made by the dark god. The warriors in the battle will fight to become the lone survivor who will be rewarded with the Hayrens power, with which they can bring an end to the dark forces. In this article, we’ll discuss how the players can play and earn NFT and eventually cryptocurrency and money from A3 Still Alive.

A3: Still Alive, Blockchain game, Play to Earn
Image via Netmarble

The game features a 30 player battle royale mode in which players will fight to become the last man standing, alongside the game also features Soul Linker who act as the companions for players and help them acquire powerful skills, players will also get to make guilds and challenge main bosses ranging from low to high combat power. They will also be able to clear missions with guild members in raid mode.

A3: Still Alive has 6 fierce characters, namely Berserker Garion, Archer Tierra, Templar Teon, Wizard Lia, Assassin Nemes, and Scholar Serphi.

How to earn by playing A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive works on a blockchain-based economic system called Inetrion, which is a Cryptocurrency that can be earned by playing A3 and can be traded outside the game. Interium is also the utility token of the game.

Inetrion Ore is the main resource of the game which can be earned by just playing the game. Players can enter the Inetrion Dungeon where they can earn Inetrion Ore by hunting or capturing monsters. But players need to be at least level 190 or above to enter the battlefield where Interium Ore can be obtained.

A3: Still Alive, Blockchain game, Play to Earn
Image via Netmarble

But, the amount of Inetrion Ore a player can earn depends on what tier they are in, there are three different tiers, and players on the highest tier get to earn more Inetrion Ore. Once a player has collected over 20,000 Inetrion Ore they can take it to the INETRIUM refinery and exchange them for Inetrium tokens.

How to exchange A3: Still Alive utility token for cryptocurrencies

A3: Still Alive runs on Marblex new ecosystem, based on the Klaytn main net, and it is designed for game creators to create their game tokens and use them together with the MBX tokens.

A3: Still Alive, Blockchain game, Play to Earn
Image via Netmarble

Once a player refines his Inetrion Ore into Inetrium token he can then take Inetrium tokens in his Marblex Wallet and exchange them to MBLX (Marblex Link) and then to MBX (Marblex) a cryptocurrency on the Klaytn blockchain.

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