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Honor of Kings: The ultimate Arcana archive guide

Know everything about arcana in detail

Arcana allows increasing the hero’s attributes in the game Honor of Kings, developed by TiMi Studios. Arcana effects can make or break a game due to their buff on the attributes like attack, defense, heal, and other attributes inside the game. Each player will have up to 30 arcana slot in the game. In Honor of Kings, there are three types of arcana and eight categories of each type. Today’s guide will discuss everything you need to know about the arcana archive in Honor of Kings. However, if you are new to the game, you can check our Honor of Kings equipment and beginner’s guide.

Introduction to Arcana in Honor of Kings

The arcana is a strategy system in Honor of Kings which allows the players to buff their hero’s attributes in-game. Players can choose up to 30 arcana from the arcana selection lobby from the three different types of arcana:

hok arcanas
Image via TiMi Studios
  • Red Arcana deals with increasing the hero’s attack abilities.
  • Purple Arcana deals with increasing the hero’s ability to restore their own health.
  • Blue Arcana deals with increasing the hero’s defense abilities.

Each player will have 30 arcana slots, 10 of each type. Players must select their arcana according to their preferences and playstyle to get the best result.

How does arcana help in Honor of Kings

Each of the three types of arcana has different eight types of categories for their attribute boost:

  • Attack
  • Life
  • Defense
  • Function
  • Lifesteal
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Damage
  • Piercing

Each of the arcana can be upgraded in the game. The higher the level of arcana will grant, the greater the buff to the hero in-game. These arcana will buff the hero’s performance in different ways depending on the combination, which is unique to every player based on their play style.

honor of kings beta gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

In the early stage of the game, the basic attributes of the hero are low; in this stage, the choice of the perfect arcana can bring a massive change to your team’s early match gameplay and strategy. Arcana doesn’t ruin the game balance between the hero’s abilities but will undoubtedly give some advantage over your enemies.

How to buy and upgrade arcana in Honor of Kings

Players will have to unlock the arcana slots by leveling up in the game. They will have an initial of 9 slots for arcana in total and will have to unlock all 30 arcana slots for their heroes slowly. Players can buy the arcana from the shop using gold, arcana fragments, or diamonds. Arcana can also be gained as a reward from achievements, events, and missions.

Players will have to upgrade their arcana in the game by using the arcana fragments. Each arcana have different levels; higher level arcana will grant a higher buff in the hero’s attribute.

hok arcana upgrade
Image via TiMi Studios

All these can be done from the arcana selection lobby. For going into the arcana selection lobby, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the game and enter the main lobby.
  2. Go to preparation at the bottom of your screen and then click on arcana archive.
  3. You’ll now see your arcana archive inside the game with the unlocked/locked arcana slots.
  4. You can build arcana slots for individual heroes by selecting each hero from the button at the bottom left corner.

Tips on choosing the best arcana build in Honor of Kings

There is no such thing called the best arcana build in Honor of Kings. Arcana builds are unique to each player according to their play style and preference. The arcana build can increase each hero’s attack damage, defense penetration, HP limit, HP regen, defense, life steal, attack speed, movement speed, crit chance, critical damage, and cooldown reduction attribute. You must choose the best-suited arcana for the perfect build for your preferred hero. Some effective arcana for heroes based on their lane are:

hok arcana build
Image via TiMi Studios
  • Mid-lane heroes: Nightmare. Hunt, Mind’s Eye.
  • Farm lane heroes: Calamity, Hunt, Eagle Eye.
  • Clash lane heroes: Mutation, Hunt, Vacuity.

However, you will only find the best-suited arcana build for you through trial and error. Most pro players have their unique arcana made for each hero, buts it is a challenging task to do. First, select the hero you want to master, build the best arcana combination, and test it in the game for maximum advantage over your enemies.

What do you think is the best arcana combination for the hero you like? Let us know in the comment section!

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