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Honor of Kings heroes who are similar to Mobile Legends heroes

Top similar heroes in the best two MOBA game on mobile

Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are two of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game on mobile. While all the MOBA games have similar playstyle and maps, MLBB and Honor of Kings have some heroes that are alike in their abilities and skills. Starting from their class, roles, and abilities, we will discuss the Honor of King’s heroes similar to Mobile Legends heroes in today’s article.

Similar heroes in Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

1. Mulan and Lapu-Lapu

Mulan in Honor of Kings and Lapu-Lapu in Mobile Legends are two similar heroes with similar abilities. Both these heroes are from the fighter class and wield swords for their battle. Mulan’s second and Lapu-Lapu’s first skills are identical, where both heroes throw a light sword like a boomerang which damages the enemy. They both can charge at a specific location and slash through enemies, another common skill. They both are suitable to play in the top lane.

hok mulan
Image via TiMi Studios

2. Arthur and Tigreal

Arthur and Tigreal are two Fighter/Tank class heroes with similar abilities and looks. They are very effective in playing a versatile role for their team; they can crowd control as the team’s tank and take on enemy units as the fighter of their team. They both are ideally played in the top lane.

hok arthur
Image via TiMi Studios

3. Marco Polo and Clint

Marco Polo and Clint are two marksmen with a lot in common, from their appearance to their abilities. They both can take long-range fights and carry their team single-handedly in the later game phase. They are played in the bottom lane along with the support class heroes. Their common skills include continuously firing in a specific direction and launching a grenade/barrage to a targeted location.

hok marco polo
Image via TiMi Studios

4. Zhaojun and Odette

Zhaojun and Odette are two similar Mage class heroes with similar slow, stun, and AoE damage skills. Both these mages can deal magic damage to their enemies using their first skill. They are helpful to stun or slow the enemy units while the team fights and can take care of any assassins who try to gank. They are both associated with birds, Zhaojun is associated with swans, and Odette is associated with geese.

hok zhaojun
Image via TiMi Studios

5. Zhao Yun and Zilong

Zhao Yun and Zilong belong to the fighter class with similar abilities to dash into the enemy’s direction and deal damage. They are played in the top lane and can act as the team’s Assassin if their team needs them to roam around and flank enemies.

hok zhao yun
Image via TiMi Studios

6. Li Bai and Gusion

Li Bai and Gusion are two similar Assassin class heroes who also look identical to each other. They are effective roamers who can hunt jungle monsters and flank enemies from the jungles during a team fight. Their similar abilities include charging toward the enemy direction to deal damage and other control abilities.

hok li bai
Image via TiMi Studios

7. Sun Wukong

Sun/Wukong is a ubiquitous hero in most MOBA games with a similar Monkey King-like appearance and abilities. They are a fighter/assassin class hero who plays in the top lane with powers that can deal with area damage and control abilities.

hok wukong
Image via TiMi Studios

8. Gongsun Li and Kagura

Gongsun Li and Kagura are two Mage-class heroes with many things in common. They both use umbrellas to teleport and execute the attacks and defence for their team. They are ideally played in the mid-lane and can support their teammates in either lane when necessary.

hok gongsun li
Image via TiMi Studios

What are your thoughts on the similar heroes between Honor of Kings and Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Let us know in the comments below.

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