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Mobile Legends announces M4 Guess Web Event featuring diamonds, skins, and other rewards

Chance to receive free rewards

The first day of the new year marks the beginning of the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship. The event will include the best teams from around the globe, and they will battle against one another to see who can claim the title of Mobile Legends global champion. While the players fight it out on the battlefield, the developers have found a new way to engage the audience with the grandest stage of Mobile Legends. MOONTON Games has announced a new Mobile Legends M4 Guess Web Event just for the fans, with a prize pool of more than one million diamonds.

Predict the winners of the matches of the M4 World Championship to receive exciting rewards

MOONTON Games has just lately announced the online event that will take place during the M4 World Championship. This event will need fans to predict the outcome of each match. They will be awarded M4 Coins, Permanent Skins, and other goods if they accurately assess the situation. Each participant is only allowed to make one prediction for each round of the competition and may only claim the rewards once.

m4 guess web event predictions
Image via Moonton Games

The tournament will be broken up into two distinct stages, the first of which is the group stage, followed by the knockout round. Predictions for the group stage are already open and will remain open until January 1. On the other hand, the predictions for the knockout stage will get underway on January 4 and continue through January 7.

Earn exciting in-game rewards by making correct predictions throughout the M4 World Champiosnhip

By making a set number of accurate predictions, players have the opportunity to win tokens or M4 golds, which may then be redeemed for permanent skins and other types of incentives. The following is a list of some of the perks that may be purchased using either coins or tokens:

M4 Epic Permanent Skin Chest

  • Lunox “Eyes of Eternity” x1
  • Angela “V.E.N.O.M. Vespid” x1
  • Gusion “Soul Revelation” x1

M4 Elite Permanent Skin Chest

  • Hanabi “Viper” x1
  • Vale “Kannagi” x1
  • Cecilion “The Illusionist” x1

M4 Permanent Skin Chest

  • Edith “Celestial Safeguard” x1
  • Floryn “Springtide” x1
  • Natan “Time Wielder” x1

Other rewards

  • Premium Skin Fragment x1
  • Hero Fragment x1
  • 10000 M4 Pass EXP

How to participate

Follow the simple steps given below to participate in the Mobile Legends M4 Guess Web Event:

  1. Go to the official website of the event.
  2. Log in to your Mobile Legends account.
  3. Choose the teams that you think will win.
  4. Click Submit to confirm your predictions.

What are your thoughts on the M4 Guess Web Event? Let us know in the comments below!

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