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Honor of Kings guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Every basic of the popular mobile MOBA game explained

Honor of Kings is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studio, which is currently the most played mobile MOBA game with 100 million daily players in Mainland China. The game is set to be released globally by the end of 2022 by Level Infinite. In this Honor of Kings (HOK) guide, we’ll discuss every possible thing a beginner or newbie would need to know to get a headstart.

The game’s closed beta is currently available in selected regions. However, if you want to play right now, you can check this Honor of Kings download guide.

Understanding the map in HOK

Players must break the enemy’s crystal or base tower to win a match and protect their own. The crystal is located at the end of each team’s base, where the players are spawned. There are three lanes on the map: Clash lane, Mid lane, and Farm lane. 

honor of kings map
Image via TiMi Studios

Each lane will have three defense towers to stop the opponents from advancing into the enemies’ territory; each lane will also have minions who will keep spawning throughout the match. Players will have to take down these defense towers, minions, and opponent heroes through co-ordinate attacks and pushes and eventually target to take down enemy crystal to win the match.

Jungling in Honor of Kings and Jungle Monsters

In between the three lanes, there are two jungles. The map can be divided into four sections if it is divided by the jungles. The jungle is full of monsters that will give the players gold, XP, and other buffs if they can take it down.

Blue buff

Killing these monsters will reduce cooldowns for the players and also reduce their mana consumption. This buff is essential for the jungle.

hok blue buff
Image via TiMi Studios

Red buff

Killing these monsters will buff the player’s attack speed and give them the ability to deal extra damage to the enemy units or other jungle monsters.

hok red buff
Image via TiMi Studios


Killing the tyrant will give the players more gold and XP. It appears two minutes after the match started and respawns after two minutes of getting killed. After a specific time, the tyrant will evolve into an enraged tyrant. Killing it in the enraged stage will give the players different types of buffs according to their roles.

hok tyrant
Image via TiMi Studios


The players will get increased attack damage, faster health and mana regeneration, and faster movement speed after defeating the Overlord. Killing the Overlord will spawn small dragons in all three lanes, pushing into the enemy base and supporting the team. Overlord generates eight minutes after the match is started.

hok overlord
Image via TiMi Studios

Honor of King Heroes and Roles

Honor of King consists of a team of five in a match to compete against each other. Each player has a different role in the game. There are six different roles in Honor of Kings, and each hero from these roles has their unique abilities and playstyle in the game. The roles are

  1. Mage
  2. Marksman
  3. Fighter
  4. Assassin
  5. Support
  6. Tank


Mages are the ones who can deal magic damage to the enemy from a very long range. Mages are helpful for their team in the early and mid rounds of the game. They are supposed to play in the Mid lane and support their teammates in either lane whenever necessary. They can also flank the enemies while sneaking through the map.

honor of kings hero
Image via TiMi Studio


Marksman class heroes have the ADC role in their team, meaning they will have to deal with most of the damage and finish the kills for their team. Therefore, they are primarily dependent on their abilities. Marksman is supposed to play in the Farm lane; killing any minions or enemy heroes in this lane will give them 25% extra gold and XP for leveling up faster during the game. Marksman is weak in defense. However, they are compelling in the mid and later phases of the match and can take on an entire enemy team easily.


Fighter is the class of heroes with melee weapons who are meant to deal damage to the enemy units. They have considerably high HP, and their close combat skills are suitable to take on enemies easily. The warriors are primarily played in the Clash lane.

arthur honor of kings
Image via TiMi Studios


Assassins have significantly greater damage stats in their teams, but with lower defensive stats, they are mostly the roamers who will roam around and farm gold for the team by killing the jungle monsters. But thanks to their higher attacking skills, they can also take part and deal colossal damage during team fights. Players can play Assassins in any convenient lane.


As their name suggests, Support class heroes are the one who looks after their team; they can heal their team through their spells. They have high mana but lower defensive stats, so they should stay in the back line of the attack. They are commonly played in the Farm Lane along with Marksman.


Tank heroes are the ones with the responsibility of absorbing the team’s damage and crowd control. Tanks have the defensive stats in the team and will help the team to push back enemy attacks during the match. Tanks are primarily played in the Clash lane along with Fighter class heroes.

hok heroes 2
Image via TiMi Studios

Best beginner-friendly heroes in Honor of Kings

Some beginner-friendly heroes are mentioned in each hero class:

  • Mage Class (Mid Lane): Lady Zhen, Angela, Bian Que.
  • Marksman Class (Farm Lane): Hou Yi, Consort Yu, Di Renjie
  • Fighter Class (Clash Lane): Mulan, Lu Bu, Arthur.
  • Assassin Class (Jungle): Ying, Diaochan, Jing
  • Support Class (Farm Lane): Zhuangzi, Cai Yan, Luumburr
  • Tank Class (Clash Lane): Ata, Bai Qi, Xiahou Dun

Best tips for beginners in Honor of Kings

Choosing your hero carefully is the first step to improving the game. Each game’s hero has unique abilities and must be played in their unique play style. Therefore, players must choose which hero to pick according to their playstyle and role. After selecting a hero, the player has to get accustomed to the three active and one passive ability of the hero.

Players must choose the best-suited equipment for their heroes to get an advantage over their enemies during combat. Equipment can buff the hero’s attack or defense stats and provide more benefits during team combat. Players can purchase this equipment from the shop interface during the match, and each hero can have up to six pieces of equipment during a game.

Image via TiMi Studios

Healing is another essential factor during team fights; a player might get trapped in a portion of the map with low HP. Players can use the recall ability to get out of this situation, which will take them back to the crystal and heal them. Other ways to recover in the game include using the recovery skill or taking the first aid kits behind the ally defense towers.


Honor of King is currently in the beta stage for their global release. However, players can experience the gameplay by connecting to the servers using a VPN. If you want an advanced headstart from the other players when the game is released globally, this is the perfect guide for you to follow and know every basic about Honor of Kings.

What are your thoughts on the beginner guide of Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments!

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