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Honor of Kings guide: 10 best heroes for beginners

The most easy to play heroes for the new players

Honor of Kings is filled with a variety of heroes with their unique abilities and playstyle. TiMi Studios has introduced 63 heroes in their most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game on mobile. Honor of Kings is full of game mechanics and heroes that are different from the other MOBA games available on mobile. As a result, players often find it challenging to choose the best hero according to their desired role and playstyle. While the game has many heroes with complex abilities, players can also find many heroes that are comparatively easier to use for beginners.

Choosing the perfect hero while starting the game is essential for new players; heroes are subjective to the player’s preferred role in the game. You can check our beginner’s guide for Honor of Kings to understand how and where to play these heroes properly. Let’s continue discussing the top 10 beginner-friendly heroes in Honor of Kings.

Top 10 beginner-friendly heroes in Honor of Kings

10. Bian Que

Bian Que is a hero from the Mage class who is a master of alchemy. Bian Que can be helpful in both attack and defense due to his ability to continuous healing and continuous damage.

hok bian que
Image via TiMi Studios

Bian Que’s passive skill gives him the power to mark ally and enemy units. Marked enemy units will deal continuous damage, and marked allies will regain HP. Bian Que can throw a vial of poison with his first skill, which will deal constant damage and slow down the enemies. His second skill will allow him to deal damage and heal allies in a specific range by launching a concoction. Finally, Bian Que’s third skill can detonate all marks, dealing damage to the marked enemies and healing marked teammates.

9. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a hero from the Marksman class and the easiest to play for the beginners from this class. He can deal damage to the enemy units from a great range.

hok marco polo
Image via TiMi Studios

Marco Polo’s passive skill can reduce the target’s defense and will increase the damage of Marco Polo’s attack. His first skill will increase his movement speed and fire continuously in a specific direction. Using his second skill Marco Polo can dash towards a targetted location. Finally, Marco Polo’s third skill will allow him to dash in a particular direction while launching a barrage that deals damage to the enemy units.

8. Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei is a Support/Tank class hero who can sustain the damage for their team and protect his teammates. If played correctly, Zhang Fei can stop the enemy units from advancing alone.

hok zhang fei
Image via TiMi Studios

Zhang Fei’s passive ability will accumulate Madness and slow down nearby enemies. Zhang Fei can deal damage to nearby enemies through his first skill. He can leap to a target area and place a powerful shield to protect his teammates through his second skill. Finally, Zhang Fei will form a wind that deals damage to the enemies and give him immunity.

7. Li Bai

Li Bai is an easy-to-play Assassin class hero with exceptional flexibility, which makes him perfect for roaming and flanking heroes when needed.

hok li bai
Image via TiMi Studios

Li Bai’s passive ability will grant him the ability to gain temporary sword energy and receive an attack bonus. Li Bai can charge in a specific direction to stun and damage the enemies through his first ability. Through his second skill, Li Bai summons the green lotus sword formation, which removes all the negative buffs and is immune to being a target. Any enemy coming in contact with the sword formation will deal damage. His third skill will slash enemies in range after transforming the sword energy.

6. Zhuangzi

Zhuangzi is a Support class hero in Honor of Kings with control immunity and counter abilities. He can deal much damage or escape during a team fight using his ultimate.

hok zhuangzi
Image via TiMi Studios

Zhuangzi’s passive ability will remove all control effects and reduce damage. Using his first skill, Zhuangzi can trigger dream butterflies in a specific direction that deals damage to the enemies and slows them. Zhuangzi can deal AoE damage over an area and increase his teammates’ movement by his second ability. Zhuangzi’s third ability will give the allies in its range immunity and a shield.

5. Mozi

Mozi is a Mage/Fighter class hero with long-range control abilities. Mozi can be helpful for the team because he can reduce enemy HP before the team fights and interrupt enemy damage output.

hok mozi
Image via TiMi Studios

Mozi’s passive skill will grant him a shield and deal additional damage. His first skill will shift him a short distance, and enemies in the path will deal damage. Mozi can fire a shell, deal AoE damage, and stun his enemies using his second skill. Finally, with his third skill, Mozi can create a barrier that will damage and stun enemies when they touch the barrier.

4. Lian Po

Lian Po is a hero from the Tank class with high attack, unique passive, and crowd control ability. He can deal significant damage to enemy heroes in the back row.

hok lian po
Image via TiMi Studios

Lian Po’s passive ability will grant him the ability for a specific period. Lian Po’s first skill will charge in a targeted direction and damage the enemies. Using his second skill, Lian Po can deal AoE damage and gain a shield. His third skill will allow him to leap in a specific location, deal AoE damage, and slow enemies.

3. Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun is an Assassin/Fighter class hero with control and damage skills. Zhao Yun can sustain enemy damage and also deal fatal damage to the enemies during a team fight.

hok zhao yun
Image via TiMi Studios

Zhao Yun will gain damage reduction ability through his passive skill. Using his first skill, Zhao Yun will leap into a specific area and deal damage while launching them. Zhao Yun will restore HP by hitting enemies using his second skill. Finally, his third skill will slow down the targets and damage the enemies in his path.

2. Lady Sun

Lady Sun is a Marksman class hero who has high burst abilities. She can be dangerous and carry the whole team alone in the late phase of the game.

hok lady sun
Image via TiMi Studios

Lady Sun can reduce Rolling Raid’s cooldown by her passive ability. Her first ability can damage the enemies in a straight line and increases her movement speed. Using her second ability, Lady Sun can throw a bomb in a specific location and damage the enemy units. Finally, lady Sun will fire a heavy crossbow bolt with a great range in a particular direction which will deal massive damage when it hits any enemy units.

1. Arthur

Arthur is the most uncomplicated hero from the Fighter class in Honor of Kings. Arthur can deal with and sustain enemy damage and also move into the position efficiently where his team needs him during a fight.

hok arthur
Image via TiMi Studios

Arthur will get protection from the Holy Vanguard by using his passive ability. With his first skill, Arthur can move quickly and deal more damage by silencing the enemy for a specific period. The enemy will be marked and deal additional damage while marked by Arthur’s skill. Arthur can deal continuous damage to nearby enemy units and summon a holy shield with his second skill. Finally, Arthur’s third skill will summon a holy seal in a specific area that will damage the enemy units in the range for a particular period of time.

What do you think about the easiest to-play heroes in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comment section.

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