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Honor of Kings: How to contact customer care service

Reach the customer support following these easy steps

Honor of Kings¬†is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studio, which is currently the most played mobile MOBA game with 100 million daily players in Mainland China. The game is set to be released globally by the end of 2022 by Level Infinite. With the biggest player base in mobile MOBA, the players are often needed to contact the customer care service of Honor of Kings to report different issues with the game. Today we present to you a guide on how to get the Honor of Kings customer care service.¬†However, if you are new to this game check our beginner’s and equipment guide for Honor of Kings.

arthur honor of kings
Image via TiMi Studios

While playing the game, players can face different issues like bugs, glitches, cheaters, or account problems. Honor of Kings has active customer service to assist the players with these problems and ensure a comfortable gaming experience. Players can reach the Honor of Kings customer care service through the in-game customer support, their website, or their social media handles.

How to contact via Honor of Kings in-game customer support feature

To contact customer care service through the in-game feature, players must log in to the game first, and after getting into the lobby, they will find a customer support icon beside their name on the top left corner. Tapping on the icon will take the players to a support menu where the players will find different FAQs regarding the game. In the FAQ section, developers have created several categories of the players’ most common problems and provided their solutions. The players will have to search for their problem from the relevant category to find a solution to the issue they are facing.

hok customer service
Image via TiMi Studios

However, if any issue is missing from the provided categories or any solution given in the FAQ is not working, the players can also directly contact the customer care service through the ‘Contact Us’ button in the bottom left corner of the FAQ menu. After tapping the contact us button, the players must fill up a form describing their issues in 300 words and submit it. Once the case is submitted to the developers, a customer care representative will soon contact the player through the in-game support feature.

hok faq
Image via TiMi Studios

How to contact via Honor of Kings website support

Another way of contacting the Honor of Kings customer care service is through their official website. After entering their website, the players must scroll down below, and there they will find a ‘Contact Us’ button. The contact us button will open a mail address to contact the Honor of Kings support team. The players will then have to write a description of their problem, attach necessary screenshots, and send a mail to the official support mail address ‘’.

How to contact via Honor of Kings social media

 Players can also contact the Honor of Kings support team through social media handles. The Honor of Kings Global Facebook and Twitter account link is on their official website. In addition, the players can also join the Honor of Kings official Discord server and Reddit community to get a solution to their problems from the communities. 

Do you have any more queries on how to contact the Honor of Kings customer care service? Let us know in the comment section.

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