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Honor of Kings Equipment Guide: Best equipment for strong builds of each hero

Find the best equipment for your favorite hero

Honor of Kings is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Level Infinite. The game is currently available for beta testing in selected regions for Android devices. Honor of Kings is expected to be released globally, by the end of 2022. In Honor of Kings, there are six types of equipment for the players to choose from. Today, players will be discussing everything one needs to know about the equipment.

hok heroes 2, Honor of Kings
Image via Level Infinite

Honor of Kings Equipment Guide: Introduction and Types of Equipment

Equipment in Honor of Kings gives heroes a buff and makes their abilities more effective in battle. Using the gold, they have earned through farming, the player can purchase this equipment during the game. Up to six pieces of equipment are allowed for each hero’s inventory. The equipment acquired via the game’s store interface will boost the hero’s stats, making the hero more capable of combating the enemy units. Players must unlock this equipment from different tiers as they progress through the game.

Physical Equipment

Physical equipment provides the hero’s attacking stats a boost, enabling them to launch more powerful strikes and deal more damage to the enemies. They can also make the hero move faster while attacking. The Marksman, Assassin, and Fighter class heroes can benefit from having access to this equipment. Doomsday, Bloodweeper, Storm Sword, Sunglow Striker, Raging Claw and many others are among the most delicate assault equipment.

hok physical equipment
Image via TiMi Studios

Defence Equipment

The defence equipment enhances the hero’s defensive stats, enabling the hero to take more damage and endure the battle longer. Heroes of the Tank, Support, and Fighter classes will benefit from defensive equipment. Revitalizing Crystal, Frigid Charge, Darknight Breastplate, Blazing Cape, Phantom, and other equipment are among the best defensive gear.

hok defense equipment
Image via TiMi Studios

Magic Equipment

The magic weapons will improve the hero’s attack and damage output stats. The heroes of the Mage and Support classes will benefit from the magical equipment. Spell Tome, Golden Blade, Evolution Crystals, Savant’s Wrath, Insatiable Tome, and many others are among the best magic equipment.

hok magic equipment
Image via TiMi Studios

Movement Equipment

The hero can move more quickly with movement equipment, which will enable the hero to chase or flee, rotate around in the game, or dodge skills effectively. Every hero needs a movement item to give them an edge over the enemy forces. Lightfoot Shoes, Boots of Fortitude, Boots of Tranquility, Boots of Dexterity, Boots of Deftness, and many others are among the best movement accessories.

hok movement equipment
Image via TiMi Studios

Jungling Equipment

Equipment for the jungle can assist a jungler to be more effective at killing monsters and gathering extra gold from the lanes. Hunting Knife, Guerilla Machete, Dragon Scale, Runeblade, Giant’s Grip and many more are the equipment for jungling.

hok jungling equipment
Image via TiMi Studios

Roaming Equipment

The heroes can move more effectively thanks to the roaming equipment. Heroes of the Support and Tank classes will benefit the most from these. The roaming equipment in the game is Knowledge Gem, Phoenix Ring, Star Trinket, Extreme Shadow, Radiant mirror and many more.

hok roaming equipment
Image via TiMi Studios

Honor of Kings: Best Equipment for all class heroes

There are six classes of heroes in Honor of Kings. Let us take a look at the best-suited equipment for each hero class.


The best equipment for Marksman class heroes:

  1. Boots of Dexterity
  2. Sparkforged Dagger
  3. Eternity Blade
  4. Bloodweeper
  5. Daybreaker
  6. Sage’s Sanctuary


The best equipment for Tank class heroes:

  1. Boots of Resistance
  2. Spikemail
  3. Longnight Guardian
  4. Blazing Cape
  5. Eye of the Phoenix
  6. Frigid Charge
arthur honor of kings, honor of kings wallpaper
Image via TiMi Studios


The best equipment for Fighter class heroes:

  1. Boots of Resistance
  2. Spikemail
  3. Siege Breaker
  4. Runic Blade
  5. Cuirass of Savagery
  6. Destiny


The best equipment for Assassin class heroes:

  1. Boots of Tranquility
  2. Insatiable Tome
  3. Angur’s Word
  4. Tome of Wisdom
  5. Savant’s Wrath
  6. Splendor
hok hero
Image via TiMi Studios


The best equipment for Mage class heroes:

  1. Boots of Arcane
  2. Scepter of Reverberation
  3. Savant’s Wrath
  4. Insatiable Tome
  5. Void Staff
  6. Tome of Wisdom


The best equipment for Support class heroes:

  1. Guardian’s Glory
  2. Boots of Tranquility
  3. Holy Grail
  4. Angur’s Word
  5. Venomous Staff
  6. Splendor

Honor of Kings Equipment Guide: Tips and tricks for choosing the best equipment

Equipment is essential for boosting a player’s gameplay and performance. Each hero requires a different type of equipment built, according to their playstyle. This equipment can change the outcome of the game by its effects. However, choosing the right equipment for your hero can be a difficult task to do.

The first thing to do for selecting the best equipment is to study your hero thoroughly. Players should do some study and make the changes they want to see in their heroes. There are many different kinds of heroes in Honor of Kings, each with its speciality. One can learn from and take ideas from the builds of many other players.

honor of kings beta gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

Prioritize what will help the team during the match and be most effective against the enemy heroes when choosing the item build. Players will fail if the item combo doesn’t help them in specific circumstances and offer them an advantage over their opponents. Players must use magical goods, for instance, if the opposing team has more marksman or fighter class heroes or defence equipment, if they have more magic damage heroes on their team.

Trial and error will help players find the optimum build, continuously evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of each item as they use it in the game. Players will receive the best equipment for the hero after they are happy with how well they performed with the build.

What do you think is the best equipment for the hero you like in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comment section!

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