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Genshin Impact version 3.2 leaks: Upcoming characters, banner re-runs, and more

2 new characters already!

Genshin Impact has released its version 3.1 update. With this new version comes to a lot of content. But since version 3.1 is out, 3.2 beta has also been started. And thus, we started getting leaks of everything the next version has to offer. Here we will list and break down all the Genshin Impact version 3.2 update leaks we have seen so far.

All Genshin Impact version 3.2 update leaks

It has been only a few days, but version 3.2 leaks are already everywhere. Now the question is, what should we look forward to? Here down a list of all the leaks:

  • New Characters: Nahida (5 Star Dendro Catalyst) and Layla (4 Star Cyro Sword).
  • Re-run characters: Yae-Miko, Childe, and Yoimiya.
  • New bosses: Dendro Hypostasis and Scaramouche (Weekly Boss).
  • New events: A Combat Event named Great Mujina Youkai and a re-run of Marvelous Merchandise.
  • New weapons: A thousand Floating Dreams, which is a 5-star catalyst, and Thundering Pulse, which is a re-run five-star bow.

These are all the leaks Genshin developers revealed about the 3.2 update. Let us go through it One by one:

New Characters in Genshin Impact 3.2 update

Developer Hoyoverse revealed that in the 3.2 version, two new characters would be added. One of the unreleased characters is Nahida the Dendro Archon, and another is Layla. Let us look at one character at a time to see what their skill does:

genshin impact characters, genshin impact nahida, genshin impact lyla
Image via HoYoverse

1. Nahida

The official source confirmed that in version 3.2, Nahida the Dendro Archon of Sumeru will be released. Nahida will be a new 5-star character known as The Lesser Lord Kusanali or the Dendro Archon. She will be a catalyst user of the Dendro element.

Nahida’s Elemental Skill is believed to be camera ability and marks the enemies and damages them. Marked enemies take more damage from other characters for a certain time. Nahida’s Burst or Q Ability is an Area of Effect. This ability can buff a number of elements, like Hydro, Pyro, and Electro.

2. Layla

Layla is the new 4-star character of this version. She is of a Cryo element, and her weapon of choice is a sword. According to the leak, she is supposed to show up in the story. She is the astrologist of Sumeru and is also supposed to be suffering from Insomnia.

Her elemental skill is a shield. The shield that regenerates stars. Those star explodes and deals damage when an enemy hits the shield. As for her elemental burst, it is like a ganyu burst that shoots a certain number of projectiles in an area for a certain time.

Her damage is supposed to scale with HP, and since she has a shield and a supporting burst, we can see her being quite good in a reaction-based team like the melt team.

2. Character Re-Run in Genshin Impact 3.2 update

If the leaks are correct, Yae Miko, Childe, and Yoimiya will get their re-runs in Version 3.2. But we cannot say which phase each of these characters will appear in as of yet.

3. New bosses coming in Genshin Impact 3.2 update

Dendro Hypostasis, the newest and the sixth member of the Hypostasis family will be introduced in the 3.2 Update. But that is not all the boss we will be getting. Scaramouche will finally go against the traveller in 3.2 as a weekly boss.

1. Dendro Hypostasis

Like all elemental Hypostasis, Dendro Hypostasis will have its own attack patterns and weakness to deal with. And it is safe to assume it will not take any damage from the Dendro elemental attacks.

There is a possibility that Dendro might debuff your characters, which does not allow them to eat food to heal. However, Dendro’s introduction finally brought the Elemental septet to a close.

2. Scaramouche

Genshin_Impact_Scaramouche boss
Image Via HoYoverse

After two years of teasing and building up the character, Baladiar will finally face the traveller. If you have played the version 3.1 story, you will know it teased a possible fight with Scaramouche. And in version 3.2, we will be able to fight him as a boss.

If the other Fatui bosses are any indication, this Scaramouche will also become a weekly boss after the story.

4. New weapons in Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks

Image Via HoYoverse

The leaks revealed that we would get a new game weapon. This weapon is called A thousand Floating Dreams. This weapon will probably be the best in the slot for the new 5-star character Nahida. And the other 5-star weapon that will get a re-run is the Thundering Pulse Bow. It is a good weapon for Yoimiya and even Childe.

5. New Events

Different events will be brought back in Genshin Impact’s 3.2 update along with several new quests and events. Initial Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks revealed a major event called Great Mujina Youkai. It will be a combat event with a story focused on Childe and Yoimiya.

And the other leaked event we found is the Marvelous Merchandise. Yes, Liben will be back to trade junk with you for some Primogems.

Are you excited about Nadia and Layla or version 3.2 update of Genshin Impact in General? Let us know in the comment section below!

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