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Genshin Impact Afratu’s Dilemma world quest guide

COmplete the quest and earn rewards

Genshin Impact features a lot of world quests for its players. Afratu’s Dilemma is another such world quest, situated in the Valley of Dahri in the Sumeru desert. Players can start this world quest by simply entering the area and pressing on the world quest option. Here is a complete guide to the Afratu’s Dilemma world quest of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Afratu’s Dilemma world quest: All the stages of the quest

Players need to follow the world quest icon and talk to Afratu first. The quest will then start after the players find the Ruin Golem. The active character will be continuously targeted and shot by the Ruin Golem. However, it is rather simple to avoid the attacks because there is a latency between the charged shot and the projectile actually hitting the victim. Keep constantly moving to dodge all the attacks of the Ruin Golem successfully.

genshin impact afratu's world quest beginning
Image via HoYoverse

After entering the Ruin Golem, players will find a Seelie ahead with a breakable rock. Players need to prompt the attack of the Ruin Golem to break the wall with the help of Paimon. Once the rock is broken, players can get inside the Ruin Golem.

Once inside the Ruin Golem, players need to use the four-leaf clovers to reach a path sealed by a green ball and vines. After breaking the seal they will see another seal in a hilichurl camp. At the top of the camp, players can unlock a teleport waypoint that stays hidden in the map unless it’s unlocked. As the players progress from this point, they will need to break several other seals and fight the Ruin Guards.

Once players enter the main control area, use the four-leave clovers to move to the highest level. They will be prompted to break Suda’s Flow at three locations. They will find several other seals as they progress along the path.

genshin impact afratus world quest enter cockpit
Image via HoYoverse

After the seals are broken, the location of a Suda’s Flow will be shown. To access the room in front, players need to cross the bridge. Although the room won’t be sealed, there are two seals inside it—one on the left and one on the right. While breaking the seal on the right reveals three further seals on the ceiling, breaking the seal on the left reveals a chest protected by mushrooms. This will show the location of another Suda’s Flow.

Players need to get to the lowest level by gliding down through the elevator. Break all of the seals that are dispersed across the space. Fight the enemies that appear when the seals are broken. A cinematic will show that the cockpit is now accessible once every one of them has been destroyed. Four-leaf clovers can be used to ride a wind current that appears in the elevator area and ascend to the topmost level. Players can now enter the cockpit.

genshin impact afratus world quest cockpi
Image via HoYoverse

Find and interact with the switch that says “turn off.” Engage with the switch when it starts to say “start.” The Ruin Golem can now be controlled by players. Before leaving, keep the Ruin Golem on aim mode, they must control the camera, aim, and shoot the rocks. The achievement “What Does This Button Do?” will then be unlocked.

Genshin Impact Afratu’s Dilemma world quest rewards

Follow the given steps to collect the rewards for Afratu’s Dilemma world quest:

  • Follow the marker and go to Afratu’s location.
  • Talk with Afratu
  • Receive 50 Primogems as a reward.
  •  “Reclining on Top of the World” will also be unlocked

What are your thoughts on our guide on the Genshin Impact Afratu’s world quest? Let us know in the comments!

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