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Dekaron G tier list for choosing the best heroes

Choose your best Hero to fight Karons

The ThumbAge Co. Ltd. developed game, “Dekaron G,” is a play-to-earn action-combat MMORPG. The game is an adapted version of the popular Hardcore Dark MMORPG “Dekaron,” more popularly known as “Two Moons” back in the day. The free-to-play action-adventure game has both PVP and PVE modes and contains a massive collection of characters that sets a perfect MMO flavor for RPG gamers. But if you’re still new to the game, then you can check our beginner guide on Dekaron G.

The RPG has a unique character-class system where players first have to choose a Weapon Type out of the four present in the game. Every weapon type has three separate trans-ups from which a trans-up has to be selected to create a character. To further understand the trans-up system, you can check our guide on the Trans-up and Pets system. All the Trans-ups/Characters are available for free, and the collection of champions in the game is vast. In this article, we will rank every Trans-up/Champion according to tiers in Dekaron G for the players to choose the best heroes. 

Dekaron G tier list

Every Weapon Type in Dekaron G can make 26 separate Trans-ups, meaning a total of 104 distinct characters\Trans-ups can be created in the game. The table below is arranged according to the rarity of the Trans-ups, which will help players choose the best character for the game.

S (Strong)Barad, Carlina, Gleywar, MornierBazello, Lilith, Ainkell Shutebain, Ariun Jaya, Ingvilde, Cyonith, Saena Seren
A (Good)Argeth, Meriel, Monne Bloodvayne, Cyrus, Amiontes, Goah, Jubanse, Astra, Ariel Andra, Seigneur, Bayadere, Frida, Farrel Army, Atrocious, Angelique, Tanya Delling, IzarPrime Temple Knight, Prime Azure Knight, Alter Buiah Cavalier, Groon Knight, Azure Knight, Supreme Shadow Sentinel, Supreme Segita Hunter, Supreme Night Watcher, Supreme Ranger Watcher, Alter Segita Hunter, Arche Spectral Witch, Arche Nova Enchanter, Arche Incar Mage, Arche Imperial Wizard, Alter Nova Enchanter, Epic Segnale, Epic Spiritual Slasher, Epic Vatidor Ripper, Epic Judgment Slasher
B(Average) Prime Buiah Cavalier, Prime Groon Knight, Alter Groon Knight, Buiah Cavalier, Alter Temple Knight, Temple Knight, Alter Azure Knight, Alter Shadow Sentinel, Shadow Sentinel, Segita Hunter, Alter Night Watcher, Alter Ranger Watcher, Ranger Watcher, Alter Spectral Witch, Spectral Witch, Nova Enchanter, Alter Incar Mage, Incar Mage, Alter Imperial Wizard, Imperial Wizard, Alter Segnale, Segnale, Alter Spiritual Slasher, Spiritual Slasher, Alter Vatidor Ripper, Vatidor Ripper, Alter Judgment Slasher Guardiana, Tiratriche, Sorcerer,
C (Weak) Night Watcher, Judgment SlasherPaznic, Knight, Cavalier, Echo Hunter, Holy Ranger, Sniper, Enchanter, Word Messenger, Battle Mage, Whip Slasher, Brandir, Vatidor, TemplarBlader, Spatha, Swordsman, Arcaera, Scout, Archer, Mage, Witch, Magician, Scourge, Prusta, Whipper

Dekaron G meta-discussion

dekaron g trans up
Image via ThumbAge Co. Ltd.

The best attacker of the game is arguably Barad of 1H Sword weapon type. Barad has an attack speed of 200 which means Barad can land the highest amount of attack and inflict the most damage upon enemies. Barad has the upper hand in terms of strength(26) and Agility(22), making it the swiftest attacker in the game. Barad has a plethora of skills like Health Spirit, Guidance Barad, Defense Spirit Protective Sanctuary, Chain Blade, Hone Spirit Empower Vitality, Hate, etc. Barad has a movement speed of 115 and a Constitution stat of 27.

dekaron g gameplay
Image via ThumbAge Co. Ltd.

Mornier is one of the best attackers in Dekaron G, having massive brute strength. Mornier has a Whip weapon type. Mornier is perfect for frontal attacks and is unmatched in terms of providing support for long-distance-type attackers. Mornier has an Attack Speed of 200 and a Cast Speed of 180. Mornier has the most strength in the game, bagging a stat of 28. Mornier is one the most agile characters having a stat of 25. Skills of Mornier are namely- Amazing Attack, Vampire Divine Shield, Double Claw Hyper Healing, Detonate, Wide Movement Diminish, Frenzy, etc. In short and medium-range battles, Mornier will be the absolute game changer.

What are your thoughts on our tier list on Dekaron G? Let us know in the comments below!

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