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Dekaron G guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Fight and defeat Karons to become the ultimate hero of trieste

Dekaron G, known initially as Dekaron M, is an MMORPG developed by ThumbAge Co. Ltd.The action-combat game is a mobile adaptation of the popular PC game Dekaron. All sceneries, equipment, and monsters are adapted from the pc game. Players, as Dekarons, will take part in fierce battles against Karons and otherworldly monsters to save the world from another Grandfall. Unique combat dynamics and a new guild system bring in a new MMO experience and give a taste of its Predecessor pc game.

With both PvP and PvE game modes and an open-world experience, players are in for a terrific action-combat adventure. This article will give you all the basic tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Dekaron G.

Fight Karons and become the ultimate saviour of Trieste

After Karons invaded the continent of Trieste, human beings and all the other races gradually perish, which marks the destruction of Trieste or the Grand downfall. Surviving Humans now call upon Dekarons to save their world from another Downfall as the threat of Karons returns rises. Dekarons using a portal to the past, go to fight the Karons and otherworldly monsters to save the world.

dekaron g,dekaron g wallpaper
Image via ThumbAge Co. Ltd.

Once entering the game, gamers will have to bind their game account with a login provider and choose a regional server(keep in mind that once selected, a regional server cannot be changed).

Players will then build their character according to their preferences, following through with three sets of options-Weapon styles, Trans-ups and trans-up stats.

Gamers can play with 3 characters at most for free. The game has loads of in-game options and can be a little hazy for players at first. The options include:

  1. Character and buff information
  2. Resource information
  3. Nunvice’s Blessing, Incar’s Blessing
  4. Game menu
  5. Mini map
  6. Save Location,
  7. Ads / Events
  8. Quest, Scan list
  9. Creating a party
  10. Other settings
  11. A moving pad (D-pad)
  12. Attack
  13. Scan, Auto Combat, Loot
  14. Character EXP value
  15. Health Recovery Potion
  16. Quick slot

The RPG has four different weapon types from which a player must initially choose to build a character. Namely-

  • 1H sword
  • Bow
  • Staff
  • Whip

Players will choose a trans-up(class) depending on the weapon style to build their character. Each Weapon type has three separate Trans-ups. There are 14 Trans-up in total in the game. The good news for players is that they can swap between trans-ups in-game as much as they want as long as they have the trans-up card for it. The game has four combat control options: Attack, Auto-combat, Hit, and Loot item. The game has a variety of resources or items in it. Namely-

  • Dil (Basic Game Currency)
  • Diamond (Game resource obtained from market or premium shop.)
  • Mileage (Game resource obtained when purchasing products using Diamonds in the Premium Shop.)
  • Pledging coin (Game resource obtained through pledge quests, abyssal rifts, etc.)
  • Guild Medal (Game resource obtained through guild attendance and guild donations.)
dekaron g,dekaron g game layout
Image via ThumbAge Co. Ltd.

As for items, there are four different types: Weapons, Armour, Accessories, and consumable items/material items. Each item has its own rarity. Namely-

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Heroic
  • Legendary

The game has eight different types of armours: Helm, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes, Shirt, Cape, and Sigil.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Dekaron G

1. Complete Daily quests to bulk up inventory

Acquiring loads of weapons and gears in this RPG is very crucial in order to go forward. Testing out various weapons and armours to find the perfect combination for your trans-up is a must. And the best way to do it is by completing daily quests or Pledge quests which reards in high-grade items and gears. Pledge quests can be found on the Statue of Pledge in every town.

2. Upgrade gears timely

Players should be conscious about the status of their weapons inventory; Leveling up gears is very important as the character’s smooth progression in the game completely depends on timely updated weapons and gears. Moreover, weapons can get destroyed in battle if not upgraded to their highest available level timely. The hammer option in the items inventory will showcase the availability of upgrades of the specific gear.

3. Stack up Weapons

Players should make a habit of trying out all acquired weapons with different trans-ups in order to find out the best possible trans-up for them with the set of weapons they are comfortable in. Stacking up weapons and gears is an important attribute, and players should be careful about which weapon to use in collectins to acquire a stat.

4. Collect and Craft carefully

Players should tend to collect as many gears as possible as different weapon works different trans-ups. Moreover, players can add a gear to Collection to craft a stat. Once added to the Collection, the crafted gear will be removed from the items inventory.

5. Don’t skip mission tutorials

Dekaron has specific instructions and goals for each mission; Every mission is unique on its own. Each mission has separate sets of targets that have to be acquired through unique ways and steps described in the mission tutorials for beginners. Following through all the tutorials and not skipping them will ensure a smooth journey through the open world, as the missions can be quite tricky, and the ways to goals are sometimes more obscure.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide about Dekaron G? Comment down below!

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