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Dekaron G guide: a complete introduction to Trans-up and Pets system

Complete Trans-up and Pets guide for the beginners!

Developed by ThumbAge Co. Ltd., Dekaron G is a free-to-play action-combat MMORPG. This game is rebranded from the mobile game Dekaron M.This is a play-to-earn RPG with exciting PvP and PvE battle modes. Players will progress through levels fighting hordes of monsters and battling against real-world players. The game has open world pc MMORPG feel to it as it was directly adapted from the popular pc game Dekaron. In this article, we will give you a complete introduction to the trans-up and pet system of Dekaron G.

The game has a unique character-building system. In order to build a character players have to choose a weapon type first, then a trans-up(Class). Every Weapon type has three separate trans-ups for it. An exciting thing about the game is trans-ups can be swapped anytime during the game without any restrictions. If you’re new to the game, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide on Dekaron G.

Collect trans-ups and pets in Dekaron G

Trans-ups are definite Classes with specific Weapon-types. Players will choose a trans-up at the very start of the game, but it doesn’t deter a player from trying out other trans-ups. Dekaron G holds the unique feature of stacking Trans-ups and swapping between them whenever a player wishes. The same goes for Pets, as they can be stacked and swapped.

While players are only allowed to have three characters with separate weapon types for free, more weapon types can be made with a specific amount of in-game currency.

Initially, players will start with a single trans-up; later, more Trans-ups are acquired through battle rewards, level-ups, or fusioning. Trans-ups and Pets are ordered in 5 rarities. Namely-

  1. Legendary
  2. Heroic
  3. Rare
  4. Uncommon
  5. Common
Dekaron g trans-up,dekaron g  gmaeplay,dekaron g transup guide
Image via ThumbAge Co. Ltd.

Starting with Common Trans-ups and pets, characters’ stats keep boosting all the way up to Legendary grade. Each Trans-up or pet has to be upgraded until it reaches its max level to unlock a new level. Upgrading levels will result in new abilities and increased stats. Players should habitually acquire as many Trans-ups and Pets as they can; the reasons are discussed below.

One tip for beginners-Complete as many pledge missions as you can. Completing Pledge or Daily missions results in numerous rewards containing Uncommon or Rare characters. For every Legendary or Heroic grade character acquired, it will not be added to the inventory immediately. The game features a reroll option for changing up acquired Heroic or Legendary characters.

Rerolling can be done up to 5 times, costing a specific amount of diamonds, with each reroll the amount increasing. Legendary and Heroic have different costing, and the amount goes the same for Trans-ups and pets.

Reroll numberHeroic(Rerolling cost)Legendary(Rerolling cost)
1900 Diamonds9,900 Diamonds
22,900 Diamonds19,900 Diamonds
34,900 Diamonds29,900 Diamonds
46,900 Diamonds39,900 Diamonds
59,900 Diamonds49,900 Diamonds

Fuse Trans-ups and Pets to get stronger characters in Dekaron G

dekaron g,dekaron g wallpaper
Image via ThumbAge Co. Ltd.

Dekaron G allows players to acquire the Same Trans-ups and Pets, and they can be fused to make new stronger Characters. Trans-ups of the same grade can be fused for specific growth of the character. The same Transups are shown in the Fusions menu, which can be fused to have a new character with stronger stats.

Players will have to go to the Fusion Material list to check all the Trans-ups available for fusion. There is also an option for auto fusion; depending on the number of characters players have, they can automatically fusion them. The game rewards a random Trans-up of the same grade after upgrading a specific Trans-up to the next level.

What are your thoughts on our Trans-up and pets guide on Dekaron G? Comment down below!

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