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Tower of Fantasy Mira coins farming guide

Earn maximum Mira coins in less time

With the arrival of Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, many different currencies have been added in the game and one of them is Mira coins. While exploring the desert of Vera, Mira coins are found pretty common, however, these coins are very useful and players may need to gather them to use them for various purposes. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to farm Mira coins easily and fast in Tower of Fantasy.

Introduction to Mira coins in Tower of Fantasy

Mira coins are the type of currency used to purchase goods all across Mirroria in the video game Tower of Fantasy. Mira coins are widely available throughout Vera and are mostly used for making purchases at vending machines, gas stations, restaurants, and other establishments. With the Vera 2.0 update, the Mira coin was introduced to the game, and it swiftly took over as the main unit of exchange in Tower of Fantasy. You’ll need a sizable collection of Mira coins if you want to purchase anything in Mirroria.

Ways to get Mira coins faster in Tower of Fantasy

1. Open password chests

Opening password vaults is the simplest way to obtain Mira Coins, but how do we know where to look for them? The solution is the interactive map. The password chests are dispersed over the Vera Map at 39 distinct places that stretch in various directions.

tower of fantasy password chests
Image via Level Infinite

Given that each password chest opening yields 10 Mira coins and that each chest may be opened five times, a single password chest can provide a total of 50 Mira coins.

Players may find all 39 places by using the map below as a guide. Players may obtain a total of 1950 Mira coins from all of these sites, according to calculations made thus far.

2. Search for lost items

tower of fantasy search lost items
Image via Koro TOF YT

Players may navigate the world of Mirroria quickly and look for locations that contain their missing things. You may earn more than 200 Mira coins and other special goodies as you advance in the seeking game.

3. Play mini games

By just playing the six minigames every day, players may quickly acquire 100 to 120 Mira coins. With regard to the locations of the mini-games, we will assist you.

The Hazardous Materials Lab is where players must enter before proceeding to the Asset Management Center to finish the first minigame. Then, access the second Mirroria funzone by moving a little bit north of the previous position.

tower of fantasy minigames
Image via Level Infinite

After that, proceed to Mirafleur Hall to complete the third minigame. Players must now proceed north to finish the current game.

The mini-games next two venues are to the west and south of the Oasis Club. Players can now obtain their Mira coins after finishing all of the minigames.

In addition to the above-listed methods, players may also, if they are fortunate, get Mira coins by following the main plot line and exploring the Vera Desert.

We hope our guide could help you earn more Mira coins in less amount of time. Let us know if you could earn more Mira coins, in the comment section below!

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