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Tower of Fantasy Electronic lock passwords and codes

All the secret codes for you

The passwords or codes for the electronic locks have been a burning question for many wanderers of the Tower of Fantasy (ToF). While many players know how to get their passwords easily, many others are struggling badly to find out how to get the passwords. In this article, we have covered all the details about the electronic lock opening code in Tower of Fantasy.

List of unlock codes of electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy with locations

Tower of Fantasy all electronic lock code, Tower of Fantasy all electronic lock password
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For the convenience of the wanderers, the table below aggregates the locations of the electronic locks and the codes.


Banges area has only one structure that comes with password protected electronic lock.

HT201 ShelterBarrier85, 9761647Type 2 supply pod

Navia is known as the bay area and houses a total of 3 structures that are password protected.

Navia BayAbandoned truck-537, -4492202Type 1 supply pod
Raincaller IslandRadio tower-758, -5695972Voyager Hull quest progression
Raincaller IslandAbandoned truck-643, -8493344Type 1 supply pod

Crown Mines

The mining region of Tower of Fantasy, known as Crown Mines has a total of 5 password protected devices

Seaforth DockBarrier515, 7733594Type 1 supply pod
Crescent ShoreBarrier778, 6421024Type 2 supply pod
The LuminaDeconstruction device – PDC2728, 8477268Gold nucleus
Miners’ CampDeconstruction device – PDC1377, 2474753Gold nucleus
X-7 Research LabSecurity systemStory mission1103Traps disabled


The warren snowfield of Tower of Fantasy has 2 electronic locked devices.

Aarniel FortressDeconstruction device – PDW1382, -8328521Gold nucleus
Aida base dawn frontierDoor code666, -12247092Access granted

Ruin D-02 Access code passwords

The ruin D-02 also comes with password-protected locks and the players would need to enter the passwords to get access.

Easy modeLocked doorRuin D-022887
Normal modeLocked doorRuin D-020713
Hard modeLocked doorRuin D-021027

That’s all you need to know about the passwords of all electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy. Hope you have liked our articles. Feel free to go through other articles on the complete list of siblings in Tower of Fantasy and list of all Tower of Fantasy characters’ birthdays and rewards.

We hope that this guide on passwords for all the electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy will be useful for you to enjoy the game better. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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