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Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event guide: Best dish for each character, limited receipes, and more

Every single details for the event

Aida Cafe event is now live in Tower of Fantasy with the 1.5 update. And this new update brings a new event where players are supposed to serve 3 new customers every day to get points. With these points, they can unlock various rewards such as Red Nucleus, limited-time title, and more. In this Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event guide, we’ll break down the whole event and talk about what are the best dishes for each character, how to use the limited-time recipes to create event-specific dishes, and more.

How to get all the rewards from Aida Cafe event

To unlock all the rewards, you’ll need to score at least 1500 points. When you serve a customer, you get points. So the more points you accumulate, the more rewards you unlock. Here is the list of rewards that are available to unlock in this ToF Aida Cafe event,

  • 50 – Red Nucleus x 1, Matrix Data Pack III x 5
  • 100 – Weapon Augmentation Box I x 10, Gold 20k
  • 200 – Red Nucleus, Matrix Data Pack III x 5
  • 300 – Joint Supply Chip I x 3, Crystal Chunk x 50
  • 400 – Champion Shopkeeper chat bubble, Red Nucleus
  • 500 – Special Voucher, Weapon Augmentation Box II x 5
  • 600 – Champion Shopkeeper avatar frame, Weapon Battery III x 5
  • 700 – SSR Relic shard box x 10, Matrix data pack III x 5
  • 800 – Red Nucleus x 2, Joint Supply Chip I x 3
  • 900 – Crystal Chunk x 50, Matrix Data Pack III x 5
  • 1000 – Champion Shopkeeper title, Gold 20k
  • 1100 – Elemental ore shard box x 20, Weapon battery III x 5
  • 1200 – Surprise gift box III x 3, Crystal x 1000
  • 1350 – Surprise gift box II x 5, Matrix data pack III x 5
  • 1500 – Surprise gift box II x 5, Matrix data pack III x 5

ToF Aida Cafe event: Best dish for each character

Each character has its own requirement. And the better we fulfil the wish, the higher the score we can get in this Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe event guide. Please find the list of preferred dishes for each character.

CharacterMax PointsMain CourseSide DishSoupDessertDrink
Claudia+43Roasted Suckling PigRoasted Drumstick with VeggiesSea Crab SoupApple CakeHoneyed Fruit Juice
Coco Ritter+44Golden Egg and TomatoSimple Power saladFiddlehead SoupChocolate BreadApple Juice
Tsubasa+40Roasted Suckling PigBarnacle StewTurkey Beetroot SoupChocolate BreadFruit Punch
Huma+45Caterpillar Fungus NoodlesLettuce SaladSnow Lotus SoupPurple Yam PieSnow Azalea Tea
Crow+44Spicy EelPan-fried SalmonSeafood SoupCaviar Potato BallsNut Tea
King +44Roasted Suckling PigRoasted Drumstick with VeggiesTurkey Beetroot SoupApple CakeFruit Punch
Meryl+44Steamed CrabsBoiled ScallopsSmall Sesame Rice DumplingsFruit CakeNut Tea
Samir+43Roasted Suckling PigRoasted Drumstick with VeggiesSea Crab SoupGingerbreadFruit Punch
Shiro+44Steamed CrabsPan-fried SalmonSteamed Egg with UrchinCaviar Potato BallsNut Tea
Zero+43Friend ChickenRoasted Drumstick with VeggiesTurkey Beetroot SoupApple CakeIced Strawberry Soda
Bai Ling+45Tuffle Fried RiceFiddlehead PicSmall Sesame Rice DumplingsGingerbreadNut Tea
Hilda+43Friend ChickenPan-fried SalmonSmall Sesame Rice DumplingsCaviar Potato BallsHoneyed Fruit Juice
Echo+45Sizzling MeatCrispy Grilled FishBreakfast CerealCaviar Potato BallsApple Juice
Pepper+42Braised Turkey with ApplesRoasted Drumstick with VeggiesBreakfast CerealFruit CakeNut Tea
Ene+45Braised Turkey with ApplesRoasted Drumstick with VeggiesSmall Sesame Rice DumplingsApple CakeCocoa Milk

Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe limited time recipes

All the event specific recipes will need ingredients that are also time-limited. And you’ll need to go and gather these ingredients before you start preparing these special dishes. Please find the list below.

Tower of fantasy aida cafe event
Image via Level Infinite
  • Apple – It can be fund when collecting fallen fruits in specific seasons
  • Wild boar meat – It can be found in the forests of Astra
  • Turkey – It can be found on the Hyena bases
  • Sesome – It can be found when collecting Brown rice
  • Sugar cube – It is found from Heirs of Aida
  • Grapes – It is found from Ravagers
  • Salmon – It can be found in the rivers or streams where Lake bass is found
Limited-time ReceipeIngredients
Roast Suckling PigWild Boae Meat, Sugar, Honey, Lettuce
Fruit PunchGrapes, Apple, Balloon fruit, Carbonated Water
Braised Turkey with ApplesTurkey, Apple, Potato, Brocoli
Apple CakeApple, Grapes, Brown rice, Poultry egg
Roasted Drumstick with VeggiesTurkey, Lettuce, Mushroom
Small sesame Rice DumplingsSesame, Brown Rice, Mushroom
GingerbreadSugar cube, Brown rice, Honey
Pan-friend SalmonSalmon, Honey, Lettuce
Turkey Bettroot SoupTurkey, Potato, Mushroom
Apple JuiceApple, Sugar cube, Carbonated water

Along with this new event, a whole new map – Artificial Island has been released. And this island does give some free Red Nucleus while you explore. If you don’t know how to reach there, feel free to check our guide. Also, do not forget to unlock the home system once you reach there as this is going to be a game changer for the free to play players.

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