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How to unlock Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island

Fly your way

Just after the announcement of 2.0 update for the global version, Tower of Fantasy also showcased the Artificial Island with the 1.5 update. Unlike most other regions, going into this new area will not be easy as they’ll need to meet certain requirements. And in this article, we’ll discuss how the players can unlock and travel to the newly launched Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

How to reach Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

The first important thing to unlock the artificial Island is to finish the enough main story quest. Its not clear exactly which quest is needed to get the unlock access but it should appear as an invite from Kolador in the gifts tab. So it is expected that you complete Kolador’s quests before you get the invitation.

Tower of fantasy artificial island, ToF artificial island
Image via Level Infinite

Once you find this invitation, head to the Banges dock and just go a little around to find the helicopter. Here it is another sign that unless you are qualified to travel to the Artificial Island you’ll not find any options around the helicopter. However, later on, when you are eligible, you’ll get the option to visit this new island.

Tower of fantasy banges dock
Image via Level Infinite

So that’s the simple thing you would need to know to get to the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy. And it should be very simple.

However, please note that you would need to complete Kolador’s dev log quest to unlock the home system in that area. And this is very important to get the full experience of this island and unlock the buildings that will generate materials regularly.

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