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Tank Company guide: Top 10 best tanks ranked according to their strength

Take the most powerful tank in your battle

Tank Company is a 15v15 tank battle game developed by NetEase Games, where the players have to fight against other enemies in real-time massive tank combat with several types of realistic tanks and artillery. This massively multiplayer tank battle game is filled with a variety of tanks from three different nations; the players will have to build their tank roster with these and fight on the battlefield. 

All the tanks in Tank Company are ranked from Tier I to Tier VIII, where higher tier tanks have better stats and performance in the game. Every player must start with Tier I tanks and grind their way up to the Tier VIII tanks in the game. If you are getting started, make sure to check our Tank Company beginners guide.

tank company roles
Image via NetEase Games

There are five types of tanks in the Tank Company: Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and SPGs. Each type of tank is suitable for different purposes and has unique attributes and stats that make them unique. We have discussed the tanks and their roles in the game in our beginner’s guide on Tank Company. Don’t forget to check it out!

In today’s guide, we will rank the top 10 tanks across all the nations and types present in Tank Company. So, let’s get into it!

Top 10 tanks in Tank Company ranked

There are a total of 108 tanks available in the Tank Company at this moment. Here’s a detailed rank of the top 10 most powerful tanks in the game:

10. III M41 HMC

tank company m41 hmc
Image via NetEase Games

The M41 HMC is a Tier III SPG class tank from the U.S.A. SPGs have one role in the game: to take care of the advancing enemy units and destroy the enemy SPGs.

9. VII Jagdtiger

tank company jagdtiger
Image via NetEase Games

The Jagdtiger is a tank from Germany which is a Tank Destroyer of Tier VII. They mostly perform their role as the team’s sniper and stay stationary in one position. They are best used in long-range engagements and targeting enemy tanks with rapid shots.

8. VII T-92 LT

tank company t92 lt
Image via NetEase Games

The T-92 LT is a lightweight tank of Tier VII from the U.S.A. These tanks can shield their enemies from damage and move around the battlefield swiftly to scout enemy locations.

7. VIII SP-70

tank company sp70
Image via NetEase Games

The SP-70 is a German Self-Propelled-Gun (SPG) tank of Tier VIII. It’s the most viable SPG available in the game and is perfect for stunning and dealing damage to enemy SPG units.

6. VIII Object 934

tank company object 934
Image via NetEase Games

The Object 945 is a Russian lightweight tank of Tier VIII and is perfect for moving around the battlefield and collecting information for the team. They have higher movement speed and low armour.

5. VIII T-62M

tank company t62 m
Image via NetEase Games

The T-62M is a medium tank of Tier VIII that originated from the U.S.S.R. They are best played as the support unit of the team from the backline of the battle.


tank company maus
Image via NetEase Games

The MAUS is a Tier VIII Heavy Tank hailing from Germany. Heavy tanks are the frontman of tank combat. They can play a vital part in the team’s defence and offence with more significant damage and armour.

3. VIII Jagdpanzer E-100

tank company jagdpanzer e 100
Image via NetEase Games

The Jagdpanzer E-100 is a Tank Destroyer of Tier VIII from Germany. This tank can easily take on other enemy tanks from a very long range. They are ideally positioned on a slanted surface or a cliff with a proper cover to hunt down enemy tanks.


tank company m48 patton
Image via NetEase Games

The medium-class tank M48 PATTON, hailing from the USA, is perfect for covering the team during combat. They have comparatively higher armour and can easily cover their team tanks while they rotate around the map.

1. VIII IS-7

tank company is7
Image via NetEase Games

The USSR-made IS-7 Heavy class tank is the most powerful in Tank Company. They have higher damage-dealing and receiving stats. They can quickly enter the opponent’s territory to take down the enemy tank units.

Which are the most powerful tanks in Tank Company according to you? Let us know in the comments!

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