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Tank Company beginner’s guide: Best tips, tricks and strategies for beginners

Be the best in the massive tank combat game

Tank Company is a 15v15 tank battle game developed by NetEase Games, which is currently available for android users only. Tank Company is a multiplayer game where the players must cooperate and arm themselves with realistic tanks and artillery to defeat their opponents. In this massively multiplayer tank shooting game, teamwork and strategy are crucial because players are required to fill various roles, including support, long-range snipers, and others. In this article, we will provide you with a beginner’s guide for Tank Company with the best tips, tricks, and strategies.

The battles in Tank Company are set in different historical maps, and the players’ primary objective will be to eliminate the enemy tanks while fighting in real-time massive tank combat. Players in Tank Company will have to rank up through their performance in the game; every player will begin with the Tier I tank, and they will have to climb up to Tier VIII tank rank. Higher tiers have more vital stats and armaments in the game.

Choose your best tank

The first thing to do after starting Tank Company is to select the best tank that suits your playstyle. There are a total of 108 tanks available in the game now from three different nations:

  1. U.S.A
  2. Germany
  3. U.S.S.R
tank company
Image via NetEase Games

The players must choose a nation that suits their playstyle and reach the highest tank rank with tanks from that specific series. They will start with one light tank of Tier I and will have to research and purchase more tanks from the tank tree. We suggest the USSR series tanks since it has more Tier VIII tanks than other nations.

These tanks are from Tier I to Tier VIII; as mentioned earlier, higher-tier tanks have more vital stats and armaments in the game. Players will have to rank up to unlock more powerful tanks in the game to take into the battle. There are five different types of tanks in Tank Company; every kind of tank is suitable for a unique purpose and role in the battle. The five types of tanks are:

  1. Light Tanks
  2. Medium Tanks
  3. Heavy Tanks
  4. Tank Destroyers
  5. SPGs
tank company tanks
Image via NetEase Games

Players must choose the best-suited tank according to the desired role they want to play in the massive tank battle.

Select the best control settings

Tank Company has two types of controls for the players: 8 directions which are suitable for PC-experienced players and 360 degrees which is suitable for mobile-experienced players.

Players can also select from two options for the SPG view and SPG aim system. SPG View 2 setting is perfect for the best view of the battlefield, and SPG aim system 2 will provide the best settings for aiming over enemy tanks on the battlefield.

Choosing the best SPG settings is important for the players to get an advantage over the enemies and get the best tank battle experience in Tank Company.

Understanding roles in Tank Company

As we mentioned earlier, team play and strategy is the primary key to winning a battle in Tank Company. The teams can create several compositions and combat strategies with a massive collection of tanks. Each of the five types of tanks has its roles and advantages in battle.

tank company roles
Image via NetEase Games

Light tanks can shield their enemies from damage and move around the battlefield swiftly to scout enemy locations. Medium tanks have balanced firepower, armour and movement, which will be perfect for the support role in the team. Heavy tanks are the primary ones that will engage in direct battle; they are perfect for defence and offence due to their heavy armour and firepower. However, they lack movement and are ideally used from long range.

The tank destroyers are perfect for holding an area of the map and dealing damage to the enemies in their vision. They are mostly stationed in a sniper position and keep firing towards the enemy units. The SPGs have only one role in the team, which is to stun and deal damage to the enemy SPGs

Best beginner-friendly tanks in Tank Company

Some of the best beginner-friendly tanks are mentioned along with their type and nation:


  • M2 LT (Light Tank)
  • II M3 Lee (Medium Tank)
  • VIII M48 Patton (Heavy Tank)


  • Pz.Kpfw.II (Light Tank)
  • II Pz. III (Medium Tank)
  • IV Tiger P (Heavy Tank)


  • IS4 (Heavy Tank)
  • T62M (Medium Tank)
  • T26 (Light Tank)
tank company ussr
Image via NetEase Games

Best tips for beginners in Tank Company

  • Complete daily missions and events to gain research boosts to unlock tanks faster. This is also one of the fastest ways to increase the number of tanks in your collection.
  • Understand where and when to shoot to get the best result in the battle. Aiming is one of the most important parts of Tank Company since the players will mostly have to hit moving targets from a long distance. So, it is important to understand where to shoot and when to shoot your shots to land on enemy tanks.
  • Learn new skills with your crew members. Every crew members have their own unique abilities and skills, the players can learn these skills of the crew members to perform better on the battlefield. There are a total of four types of crew members the players can select for their tanks.

What are your thoughts on the beginner guide of Tank Company? Let us know in the comments!

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