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Summoners War Chronicles tier list for choosing the best monsters

Choose the best companion

A brand-new action role-playing game called Summoners War Chronicle is a part of the Summoners War franchise by Com2uS Studios. Millions of players all over the world just like playing and exploring its open universe due to its intriguing gameplay elements and mechanics. The Monsters in the game are numerous companions that fight alongside the primary Summoners and aid them in winning the battle. In this article, we will provide you with a complete tier list for choosing the strongest monsters in Summoners War Chronicles. Meanwhile, you can also check our guide for getting monster cards fast in Summoners War Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles monster tier list

Summoners War Chronicles has over 150 monsters for the players to choose from. We ranked the strongest monsters in the game according to their strength and stats. The tier list according to their strengths is given below.

Overpowered (S+)Monkey King, Chimera, Archangel, Polar queen, Occult girl, Panda warrior, Valkyrja, Dessert queen, Ifrit, Joker, Pirate captain, Kobold bomber, Undine
Beast monk, Jack-o-lantern, Sky dancer, Mermaid, Magic knight, Vampire, Sylph.
Strong (S)Penguin Knight Vagabond, Mystic witch, High element, Griffon, Inugami, Battle mammoth, Lizardman, Martial Cat, Amazon, Werewolf, Inferno, Cow girl, Imp champion, Harpu, Howl, Harg, Epikion priest
Good (A)Fairy Living Armor, Golem, Grim reaper, Serpent, Frankenstein, Salamander, Harpy, Charger shark, Mummy, Imp, Pixie, Hellhound, Garuda, Warbear, Elemental, Yeti, Gore
Fair (B)Maned Boar, Monster flower, Skull soldier, Mischievous bat, Battle scorpion, Surprise box
Weak (C)Forest keeper, Horned frog, Mushroom, Mimick, Slime, Sandman, Ghost, Low elemental

Keep in mind that every monster has access to each of the power types—Dark, Light, Water, Fire, and Wind. Players may therefore summon their favourite monster with the precise sort of power they choose.

Summoners War Chronicles: best heroes for each class

All the monsters in Summoners War Chronicles are divided into six classes. The best monsters according to each class are given below along with an introduction to each class.

1. Warrior Class

The best frontline attackers in the game are monsters of the warrior class. Along with the Summoners, these allies are deployed to the front lines. They work best when combined with Healer and Mage class Summoners since they offer the finest set of assistance, allowing the companion to battle more effectively upfront. Monkey King is the best monster in this class.

Monkey King

summoners war chronicles monkey king
Image via Com2uS

The best Warrior class monster in the entire game is the Fire-type Monkey King. One of the greatest sets of ATK and DEF talents belongs to the Monster. The Fire-type Monkey King uses some truly amazing rage skills. The Monster’s Firestick gives him extra power potential that makes it easier for him to defeat foes.

2. Knight Class

The heroes of the Knight class are typically regarded as the second fighter to deploy to help the Warrior class heroes physically. Similar stats to those of the Warrior class heroes are likewise shared by these class heroes. Chimera is the best monster in this class.


summoners war chronicles chimera
Image via Com2uS

One of the top Knight Class creatures in the game is the Water-type Chimera. The hero battles the foes with its incredible powers while flying with the other heroes of the Warrior class. Chimera and the Summoners are able to defeat the adversaries and win the current scene thanks to the Water-type raged skills.

3. Assassin Class

The finest quiet killers are Assassin class monsters, who also make life miserable for opposing forces. These student leaders just wipe out the opposing troop from the inside out. The best set of stealth and DEF abilities belong to them. The best monster in this class is Archangel.


Archangel Summoners War Chronicles
Image via Com2uS

The finest assassin is unquestionably an Archangel of the Dark kind. The hero possesses the strongest sets of furious skills and an extremely strong stealth mode. Archangels are renowned for having powerful bodies. The best thing is that archangels may simultaneously play the parts of a knight and an assassin.

4. Mage Class

The Summoners and other allies are able to advance to the front lines and engage the villains thanks to the extraordinary magical spells cast by the Mage class monsters. These companions merely used their spells to give the enemies an illusory situation. Polar Queen is the best monster in this class.

Polar Queen

summoners war chronicles polar queen
Image via Com2uS

The most effective monster of the Mage class is the Fire-type Polar Queen. Her unique spells only make the enemies present on the battlefield and give their allies a favourable circumstance. She is severely lacking in ATK and DEF skills, but she possesses the best set of Rage skills, which can even cause the best Warrior class monsters to hallucinate.

5. Support Class

Long-range attacks from support class monsters are well known for making it easier for frontline monsters and summoners to take on bad guys. Frontline fighters enjoy a huge margin of profit as a result of the enemies’ ability to deal a lot of damage thanks to these sets of attacks. The best monster in this class is Occult Girl.

Occult Girl

occult girl summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

The finest Support class monster in the Summoners War Chronicles universe so far is the Water-type Occult female. The little girl leaps over the battlefield, summons her powers, knocks back the adversaries, and aids the Summoner and the other companion in seizing the victory. She possesses the most effective ranged attacks, which are especially impressive when combined with water manipulation.

6. Archer Class

There is just one sort of Support class monster—archers. The sole distinction is that they serve as the team’s sniper and aid in eliminating the opponent who is engaged in weakening the monsters of the Summoner and Warrior/Knight classes by attacking from a distance. Ifrit is one of the strongest archers in Summoners War Chronicles.


ifrit summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

The best archer class monster so far, the Ifrit of the Fire-type has the best aim. It is best to position it away from enemy troops because he cannot inflict much damage on them. They aid in taking out the sniper on the opposing side, allowing the frontline combatants to fight with ease despite taking heavy damage.

What are your thoughts on our tier list for Summoners War Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below!

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