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Path to Nowhere tier list for choosing the best characters

Choose the best heroes

Path to Nowhere is an SRPG game featured by real-time tower defence developed by AISNO Games. Players take up the role of the chief of Minos Bureau of Crisis Council (MBCC) and under your custody, there will be many sinners. Players need to make the sinners surrender by interrogating them. As you have to control and shackle the most vicious outlaws which are denoted by Sinners to protect the city from falling as a chief, you have to know the sinners first. In this article, we will provide you with a complete tier list of all the characters in Path to Nowhere. However, if you are new to this game, you can check our beginner’s guide for Path to Nowhere.

Path to Nowhere tier list

We have classified every character in the game according to five tiers:

  • S-Tier: These are the most powerful characters in the game and they are over-skilled. These heroes are capable of defeating everyone in the game. These heroes will make your challenge a lot easier than before.
  • A-Tier: These are the balanced and strong heroes in the game and they come after S-tier heroes. These heroes are also useful in the game and can be an alternative to S-tier heroes.
  • B-Tier: These heroes have fewer powers and struggle in the game at some phases. If you have the right preparation and train these heroes well, you can handle the game with them easily.
  • C-Tier: These heroes have low power levels and are not advantageous in the crucial and challenging parts of the game.
  • D-Tier: As these heroes come under the last tier list of the game they are totally unusable and have the lowest power levels. It is recommended not to use them in the game.
path to nowhere characters
Image via AISNO Games

Hopefully, the tier list will help you select your team’s best heroes.

S Tier (Overpowered)Zoya, Hamel, Eirene, Bai Yi, Crache, Nox, Serpent, Demon, Summer.
A Tier (Good)Ninety-Nine, Wendy, Dolly, Wolverine, Ariel, Sumire, Pacassi, Mess, Chelsea, Fox, Cinnabar, Oliver, Victoria, Luvia Ray, Hecate, Kavakava, Horo, Iren, Ignis, Chameleon.
B Tier (Average)Hella, Koko/K.K, Gekkabijin, Pepper, Peggy, EMP, Kelvin, Demolia, Che, Labyrinth, Macchiato, Lisa.
Tier C (Weak)Pricilla, Oli Fer, Kou, Joan, Flora, Anne.
Tier D (Worst)Tetra, Rou Lecca.

Path to Nowhere: best characters to select


path to nowhere nox
Image via AISNO Games

Nox is an S-tier character who is classified as a Fury Weapon user in the game. The character uses its greatsword weapon to wipe out the enemies with its basic attacks.

  • Leadership Skill: Increases PHY Penetration.
  • Skills & Strengths: Reduces all enemy’s DEF. It deals PHY DMG on the enemies.
  • Special Attack: Touch of Despair


path to nowhere baiyi
Image via AISNO Games

Baiyi is an S-tier character who is stated as an Umbra user in the game. Its basic attack is a double-hitting attack that deals different stages of damage to the enemies. The 1st and 2nd stages of this basic attack will make the enemy deal 65% of the damage. Then the 3rd stage with triple hits deals 105% damage.

  • Leadership Skill: Increases CRIT Rate upon breaking a core.
  • Skills & Strengths: PHY DMG. Core DMG to all enemies.
  • Special Attack: Wind Chaos


path to nowhere langley
Image via AISNO Games

Langley is an S-tier character who is stated as a Reticle user in the game. She uses her Pistol for her basic attacks. Decisive is her basic attack which deals single-targeted enemy damage equal to 113% of physical damage.

  • Leader Skill: Increases PHY Penetration.
  • Skills & Strengths: Deals PHY DMG to enemies. Applies causality effect to the enemy – if the enemy with this effect dies inflicts PHY DMG to all enemies.
  • Special Attack: Gunfire Amnesty


path to nowhere hamel
Image via AISNO Games

Hamel is also an S-tier character who is stated as a Catalyst User in the game. She uses her own dance as a weapon to damage the enemies instead of using a weapon. Requiem is her basic ability which restores 16% of her own HP as the health of the lowest HP ally within range.

  • Leadership Skill: Increases healing.
  • Skills & Strengths: Heals allies. Assist allies with her enhancing abilities.
  • Special Attack: Phantom Dance

What are your thoughts on our tier list of all the characters of Path to Nowhere? Let us know in the comments down below!

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