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Path to Nowhere guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Learn the basics of the game

Path to Nowhere is a great SRPG game that features real-time tower defence gameplay. Developed by AISNO games, the game welcomes you to the world of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control. You have to control and shackle the most vicious outlaws which are denoted by Sinners to protect the city from falling as a chief. In this article, we will provide you with the best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners of Path to Nowhere.

Become the chief and deal with sinners in Path to nowhere

You will be the main part of the game as a chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Council (MBCC) and under your custody, there will be many sinners which you have to control and make them surrender. These sinners have special powers in them so don’t judge them as ordinary.

Therefore, you have to understand them and control them properly by making them disciplined. You have to upgrade them to make make the best use of their abilities. You also have to recruit many sinners for your progress.

path to nowhere gameplay
Image via AISNO Games

Earn Special Points by killing enemies in Path to Nowhere

You have to face many enemies in one match and you have to swap according to the conditions so it will be difficult for you. As the game is all about strategies, you have to plan the best and make your side win. You need to learn positioning and timing when to use the special attacks of the sinners. You have to recognize your sinners abilities and use them correctly.

There will be points the enemies will come out with. The points are called Special points. The game allows you to see how many enemies you have to face in one match, so this makes it easy for you to plan your strategy to defeat them.

path to nowhere gameplay 2
Image via AISNO Games

In the game, enemies will meet face-to-face and you have the duty to block them. Every sinner can block a limited amount of enemies, if the limit gets exceeded then the enemies will pierce into your defence. So it is highly recommended to kill the front enemies quickly so that you can kill the remaining enemies. Every character has a blue bar that signifies the amount of energy stored by them. When the bar is full, you can use their special moves to wipe out the enemies.

Collect resources from missions in Path to Nowhere

Missions are an important source of resources that a beginner needs. You need to gather resources for levelling up your walkthrough and also to unlock new features in the game for your gameplay so you can clear out your missions to grab resources.

Missions help out a lot in this game as they will help you to upgrade your game faster. From the mission, you will come to know that the missions are divided into 3 parts which are Daily, Weekly and The main storyline.

path to nowhere missions
Image via AISNO Games

There will be no lack of missions. You have to complete them perfectly to achieve more advanced missions which will provide you with more resources. You can complete your daily tasks as these tasks last only for 24 hours. To unlock more chapters, you only need to complete the main storyline missions. You will slow down in the game if you don’t clear the main quest missions.

Path to Nowhere: characters and upgrades

As you will progress in the game and clear the main storyline missions, the upcoming missions will be harder than the previous missions. So if you need to cope with the best gameplay, you need to upgrade your characters. By upgrading them, you can maintain your best gameplay and can also enhance their special moves.

path to nowhere characters
Image via AISNO Games

You need to go to the sinner section and tap on the character you want to upgrade. Go to promote for levelling up. You only need Discoins and Mania Essence. You can also upgrade their skills and activate the shackle by moving to the following sections. You need materials for the enhancement of skills.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

1. Select the powerful characters for battles

It is recommended not to select any low-tier characters. You have to select the strongest ones which can increase your win percentage. You can recruit characters if you don’t have much stronger ones.

2. Try to activate the special moves

While battling, you can notice there is a blue bar in each and every character. The bar signifies the energy of the character. When the bar is full, you can activate their special moves to wipe out the enemies within seconds.

3. Try to block enemies

You need to block enemies with your positioning skills. You can position your characters in such a way in the enemies get blocked. The enemies won’t stop coming so it is recommended to block them first and kill them. It will make room for the remaining enemies otherwise they will pierce your defence.

4. Clear chapters to level up

If you are interested in levelling fast, you can clear the chapters as much as you can. When you clear the chapters, you gather the necessary points to reach the next level. You can check the winning conditions to ensure your win. If the conditions are fulfilled, then it will be easy for you.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for Path to Nowhere? Let us know in the comments!

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