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Neural Cloud guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

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The strategy role-playing game Neural Cloud was released by Darkwinter Software CO. LTD after its pre-registration in October. This game will immerse you in a dangerous environment where system integrity has been fatally damaged. Because he is in charge of the “Project Neural Cloud” project, you will battle adversaries who have the ability to strengthen themselves. Neural Cloud is a little different from the others in that it includes many stages with various rules in addition to having a function card that may give the team and the dolls more strength. In this article, we will provide the best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners of Neural Cloud.

You must put together a squad before the stage in this game begins. The core team for this team, which will battle the opponent, consists of 5 dolls, plus 3 backup dolls. You cannot alter the squad that has been selected after the combat has begun, so pick wisely.

Neural Cloud Stage Rules

There is an icon on the stage that you may click to begin the stage. You must anticipate the type of stage you will play on because each symbol has its own regulations. Icons and guidelines that you can grasp are as follows:

Tactical TutorialAt this stage, you will follow doll-led tutorial simulations to learn their workings.
Regular BattleYou will engage in the customary exploration to defeat your adversaries.
Battle of EnduranceYou must continue fighting at this point by repeatedly
Boss FightYou must exercise caution at this point because you will face a very powerful boss at the Terminal Output.
Limited DeploymentYou will fight using a specific Function Librarydoll at this stage and cannot alter the team composition.
Function LibraryAt this stage, you can enjoy the fun of playing with functions.
PortalThe gateway will keep appearing if it hasn’t been destroyed because it can summon foes at this point.

Neural Cloud Class details

Neural Cloud has 5 separate classes, each of which has a particular purpose. Since one class helps the others, the game requires a certain amount of balance to be played. The classes and their corresponding duties are listed below:

GuardPossesses a job that requires him to be in the foreground and endure enemy attacks; often, he has talents like taunts, shields, DMG reduction, and others.
SniperIt is positioned behind since it has a job to attack the opponent but has thin blood and a lengthy assault range.
WarriorHe can deliver attacks like a sniper, but his blood is thicker and his attack range is small because he is standing in a guard’s position.
SpecialistHas the responsibility of supporting teammates by performing buffs or applying debuffs to adversaries.
MedicMedics are especially helpful when games are close, since they may heal teammates or restore their lowered HP.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Neural Cloud

1. Use a team with the right composition

neural cloud team composition
Image via Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

You must employ a team in Neural Cloud that is evenly composed. No positions are diminished or left unfilled as a result of the completion of these 5 classes; everyone plays their assigned duties. But with this damager, only that class may empty one of them, not other classes like a sniper or a warrior.

2. Upgrade your doll

Your doll’s talents will improve and get stronger as you upgrade it. You may accomplish this in a number of ways, such as by utilizing XP (Experience Points) to raise your doll’s level. The Breakthrough widget and Diggcoin may then be used to achieve a breakthrough for every multiple of 10.

neural cloud upgrade doll
Image via Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

In addition, it can raise your doll’s star, although Neural Expansion and various Diggcoins require a specific set of pieces. Your ultimate skill will be enhanced and given a new, unlocked neural cloud projecton after completing an expansion level.

3. Understand the stage system

There are lots of things that we need to pay attention to when battles occur, such as functions, exploration elements, tactical skills, and others.

neural cloud stage system
Image via Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.
  • There are many different types during exploration, including a function library that is helpful for choosing function cards, a conflict zone that is divided into three parts based on the difficulty, a recovery area that is used to restore dolls’ health or upgrade function cards, a trading card that is used to trade the function cards you already have, and an unknown area that generates what is known as “unknown energy.”
  • There are a number of exploration components to take into account in this exploration, such as the function row above, which represents the function card that you currently possess during exploration, the cache of coins that can be used to buy resources at an anomaly area or a trading area, and the function chains that are on the left to represent the set of functions that you receive.
  • The function is the next most crucial factor in exploration since it may boost your team’s power. When a function library is present, you can select this extra skill, which has three levels and the colors blue, purple, and red (lowest to highest).
  • You may utilize a variety of parameters, such as the percentage increase when selecting the function, to determine the function card.
  • In a battle’s crisis, tactical expertise is important. What is definite is that you may employ this tactical talent as a scenario breaker when you are on the point of loss. You can further investigate what the skills are. As an illustration, the Cyclonic Gust tactical talent allows you to send an adversary flying for three seconds. Your squad has ample time to gather bar skills and restore HP. Utilize this tactical talent accordingly.

4. Set the formation properly

You must carefully build up the formation before the conflict begins, with guards and warriors in front and snipers, experts, and medics behind. Not only that, but occasionally 1 grid will have a unique impact and be deployed right away as the conflict begins.

neural cloud formation
Image via Darkwinter Software Co., Ltd.

The warrior doll is a good choice because it can immediately teleport over a wall if it is blocked by one. You must first read the details of the effect, such as the teleport effect.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for Neural Cloud? Let us know in the comments below!

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