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Neural Cloud Closed Beta test is announced; pre-registrations are open now

Girl's Frontline spinoff is finally coming

The closed beta test of Sunborn’s popular title Girl’s Frontline’s spinoff Neural Cloud, for mobile devices, has been announced by the developers starting in late October 2022. Neural Cloud is a cyber-themed roguelike strategy game where the player will have to lead and protect a group of dolls in the world of Magrasea. Neural Cloud was previously released in Mainland China on September 23, 2021, and is expected to be released globally this year.

Play as the Professor and lead a group of ‘exiled’ dolls in Neural Cloud

The game will be set in a futuristic world of Magrasea where the players will play as the character ‘Professor’ and will have to lead a group of ‘exiled’ dolls who are in danger of extinction from enemy forces. The game features the journey of this group of dolls on their way to find the truth and solution to their problems with their leader ‘The Professor’ who is also the founder of the ‘Exiles.’

neural cloud dolls
Image via Sunborn

Players can unlock and train the humanoid dolls throughout the game and expand their roster. The game involves direct combat between the dolls and their enemies, the players will have to pick the perfect composition of dolls, plan their moves and play strategically. Players can also collect resources and construct or upgrade facilities in the city of Oasis, these constructions will provide the dolls with different types of buffs during their journey to salvation.

How to participate in Neural Cloud closed beta

Sunburn has already started taking applications for the closed beta of their new game Neural Cloud. Players can find the announcement on Neural Cloud CBT registration and also fill up the form from the Information Centre on the game’s official website.

The developers are yet to announce the exact date of the start of closed beta but it will be in the late phase of October. Participants will be selected by the developers based on their answers in the questionnaire form provided on the website and will be notified by the developers through email. However, the selection process will not be publicly disclosed by the developers.

The closed beta test will be available on both android and iOS. Android users must have android version 5.0 or higher and must have a Sunborn account or email address that can be registered to a Sunborn account. iOS users must have iOS version 9.0 or higher and must have a Sunborn account or email address that can be registered to a Sunborn account. iOS users must have downloaded the test flight before to be eligible for the closed beta test.

neural cloud
Image via Sunborn

Cash items and purchases will be unavailable in CBT, progress in the CBT phase will not be carried onto the next open beta of Neural Cloud.

Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud release date

Sunborn is yet to announce the global release date of Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud, but it’s expected that the game might be launched globally in late 2022 or early 2023. The pre-registration for the game is now open for all, players can pre-register for Neural Cloud from here.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Neural Cloud game? Let us know in the comments below!

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