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Nations Of Darkness character tier list to pick the strongest characters

Find the best characters in the game

Nations Of Darkness is a top-notch adventure game about building your nation. You must occupy new territories by defeating evil powers to grow your nation. The game Nations Of Darkness has various characters with different abilities and features to fight their opponents. But there are some specific characters in Nations of Darkness that you should focus on. They’re powerful, and they’re all worth playing. The game has more than 50 characters, and choosing the best among them is very difficult, even for an intermediate. This article will provide you with a detailed tier list by ranking all the characters according to their stats. However, if you are an amateur, go through our Nations Of Darkness beginner’s guide to get a headstart.

Pick stronger characters in order to progress faster in Nations of Darkness

Nations of Darkness has a wide range of characters to choose from. There is a total of 4 types of characters. These include the Werewolf, the Vampire, the Mage, and the Hunter. The various attributes of the characters are health, attack, defence, and speed.

nations of darkness, nations of darkness character tier list

You should play with some specific characters if you want to get ahead fast. They’re worth your time and effort and will make your game easier if you take advantage of their powers. Just by progressing through the game, you will be able to unlock new characters and avatars.

Building a great team in Nations of Darkness will help you to get through levels easily and conveniently. Good characters make your team sturdy and can fight through many battles together. They can fight against many enemies, and some can even beat allies one-handedly. The journey of the game Nations Of Darkness may be full of ups and downs, but having a great team will make your nation better than before.

Nations of Darkness character tier list

S (Strong)Mines XVIIIvanJainaVeitch
A (Good)AceKarolLiadrin
B (Average)SakharovHolly
C (Weak)ClarkMorozovReynolds

Nations of Darkness meta-discussion

Nations Of Darkness is a multiplayer game that puts players against each other in a fight to the finish. Every player chooses their best character and then tries to win battles against other players. The characters in Nations Of Darkness are very important because they can give you an advantage over your opponent if you choose carefully.

For example, if you use a character with a lot of health and armour, it will be easy for you to survive longer in battle. However, if your character is less well-equipped, then your opponent may be able to defeat them easily. So choosing good characters is mostly prioritized when playing Nations Of Darkness!

Nations of darkness, nations of darkness characters
Image via StarFortune

Like in the Werewolf category, Yuri excels. Yuri is like a damaged tank, soaking and radiating the damage back to back. Moreover, the werewolf’s ability gives the nation extra campaign limits instead, which can also be better if the players like to participate in large-scale wars.

nations of darkness characters, nations of darkness character tier list
Image via StarFortune

On the other hand, Veitch has a marvellous offensive unit and can easily defeat enemies. He has a speciality in dealing damage comprising higher attack power and damage burst abilities. He is very good at assassinating enemies, especially in the enemy squad. He has an overall of 1500. If it comes to a single-target attack, there is no better option than Veitch. Moreover, his extra skills get released while leading squads in battles.

What are your thoughts on our tier list on Nations Of Darkness? Let us know in the comments below!

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