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Nations Of Darkness guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

For a decent headstart

Nations Of Darkness is a new version of the classic role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. It is a mixture of fantasy, horror and even some sci-fi in its world-building. Nations Of Darkness has been developed by The Lordz Games Studio. The game’s creator, Brandon Ivey, has worked on titles such as Dungeon Siege 3, Darkwatch and the MMO Guild Wars 2. The game takes place in an alternate universe where humans have been enslaved by dark forces for centuries. As a result, let us jump into the world of adventures of Nations of Darkness and provide some valuable beginners guide, tips and tricks.

Progression factor – Chapter

Nations of Darkness has various chapters which are important to make progress in the game. As a result, to make your nation more strong and more influential you have to complete the chapters of the game. Each chapter comes with a particular aim.

It comprises tasks which you need to complete. You may also find that sometimes the tasks are repeated in some chapters. For example, the task of cleaning the forest or the ruin is repetitive. But if you clear it quickly, you will be offered several rewards. Meanwhile, all chapters come with their own name with different tasks. Thus, quickly complete the task list and level up your overall clan.

nations of darkness, nations of darkness wallpaper
Image via StarFortune

Trading factor – Economy

In the game of Nations Of Darkness, you have to create a world inhabited by people. As a result in creating a word, you need to trade an object to create a farm, build houses or anything. Thus, maintaining the economy is very important.

If you don’t maintain your enemy, your nation will have a poor economy. As a result, your nation will collapse due to the lack of resources. Every action you do to create your world, it requires an economy. There will be multiple objectives and goals which you have to cover. As a result, choose the correct objectives and don’t waste your economy. Your first priority will be to create a good functional economy.

Building Blocks – Structures

Structures are very important in maintaining your own territory in Nations of Darkness. Many new peoples are unaware of the proper usage of structures. Hence, being a new player and understanding the basics of structures are foremost. Unlike other city-building games, Nations Of Darkness is different. The structures of the game mainly depend on functionality over aesthetics.

The more your sculptures have features, the better your nation will be. The game will constantly make you do up gradation of your structures. For example, in the first chapter, you will build the mansion. While in the second chapter you will build strong walls and protective structures around it. Hence, protecting the structures is important to prevent invasion from dragons.

Various structures include:

  • Buildings
  • Wells
  • Farms
  • Water Plants
  • Fields

and various others, which increases with chapters.

Hence, to increase the player base of your account, you need to upgrade your structures and tech on a daily basis. Keeping an eye on your structures and following the suggestions is important.

Nations Of Darkness Characters

In order to fight strong and serious competitors, new users need strong characters. The characters are available from the loot boxes. Many players recruit up to ten players at a time. At the beginning stage, you will get some basic and some quality players. Moreover, only some characters are the best while coming to high-quality fighting. Here are the details of the characters, use them according to the situation.

Nations of darkness, nations of darkness characters
Image via StarFortune

Nations of Darkness resources basics

To build structures, to recruit characters, everything needs to be done with resources. Resources overall make your nation a place to survive. Resources will develop your city and embrace its power on it. Every beginner in Nations of Darkness needs a guide in resources so here are as follows.

Food – Food definitely plays a very important role in full growth. The food will be produced as well as stored in the farms. The foods are used for various categories like training soldiers, buildings, and research technology, and can cash it by transferring them in the marketplace.

Nations of darkness resources
Image via StarFortune

Mana – The advanced resource in the game, Nations of Darkness is Mana and is extremely rare. Mana is very useful as it helps in wearing and tearing off your territory buildings. Mana has also various other benefits, which are foremost important.

Water – Besides food, just like in the real world, water plays an important role in Nations Of Darkness. The players through water are being developed. Meanwhile, in order to produce Mana you need water. Hence to do so transport the water to the Mana Refinery.

Wood – Wood is produced as well as stored in the Lumberyards. Also in order to have the cash you are also capable of exchanging the Wood in the market.

Cash – As we all know, cash is important and also an advanced resource in the world of Nations of Darkness. To maintain the functions of your territories and buildings, cash is the required currency.

Crystal – Crystal Shafts are the production house of crystals. You can even store them in the shafts. Just like the water you can harvest Mana through the water.

Grab and Expand

To increase the size of your territory, expanding your nation is important. The more you claim areas, the better you get as a nation. Moreover, expansion is important because without it you cannot use some special features. In order to expand, you have to clear out all the leftover debris. You also have to destroy any threats to your nation. After conquering the area, you can build structures such as farms, mansions, water pumps and various other things. You can also rebuild any structure that is destroyed inside the claimed area. Hence, expand to conquer.

Nations of darkness combat
Image via StarFortune

Nations Of Darkness beginners guide, tips, tricks, and strategies

  • Every beginner should clear the chapters to continue to the new chapter. In order to clear the chapters the beginners have to clear the missions and the objectives. The missions are not that tough and if you play it with the correct strategies you’ll succeed.
  • The position of your nation should be correct on the world map. You need to build a nation far from your enemy troops. If your competitive players are against you, they’ll constantly attack your nations.
  • Recruiting the correct avatars or characters can change the way of your game. You need to recruit the players according to their powers. Some avatars have high speed, some have magical powers, some have distinct features. Choosing the correct character for the correct war is valuable.
  • Join any alliance. Alliances are like groups of nations. They are beneficial as it may protect you from being grabbed by another nation. Moreover, you may ask your alliance members to help you in wars. If your alliance troop is strong, other players will be afraid of attacking you.
  • Using the speedups buttons is crucial. The speedups will definitely save your time and help you in doing more amount of task. Many players store them for future use. It is good but you should store some speedups and use the rest.

Nations Of Darkness is a turn-based strategy game in which you have to lead your nation to victory. You start with some money and some troops, but as you fight battles and make deals with other countries you will gain more money and troops. You can also upgrade your troops’ equipment by buying new weapons or uniforms for them. The article has already covered the important topics of the game. Every beginner need to go through the points before starting the game as it would be highly beneficial. Thus, build your nation in the Nations Of Darkness and create your own legacy!

Did this Nations of Darkness beginners guide help you to understand the game better? Let us know in the comments below!

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