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How to play and earn NFT from Anima of Quantmix

The game integrates QuantFi service to withdraw assets

Anima of Quantmix is a mobile blockchain game in which the player takes on the role of Master, acquires and grows Animas, and engages in fights in order to save humanity from peril with the help of adorable gorgeous girl characters. And along with doing all these, they can earn NFTs and eventually money just by playing Anima of Quantmix.

Animas are mankind’s saviours, having been created by combining human and animal traits such as intelligence and wild features soon before humanity’s demise. Interested players can play the game by simply installing the game from their respective Google Play and Apple App Store.

Anima of Quantmix, Anima of Quantmix wallpaper
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How to earn NFT by playing Anima of Quantmix

AP Tokens are the main in-game currency that can be converted into NFT or any other required game cosmetics. Users can earn Anima Points by completing daily objectives, completing stages, earning milestones, and competing in Arenas in ‘Anima of Quantmix.’ Integrating with the QuantFi service will allow the players to withdraw assets from the game.

Quantbook Governance Tokens can be received in QuantFi and used to select the Quantbook’s business orientation. Quantbook tokens can also be traded for governance tokens. Quantbook was established to make the investment data market more transparent and to establish a blockchain-based investing procedure that is efficient. Coinone now has Quantbook listed.

anima of quantmix nft
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AP Tokens or Anima Points can be by the following methods,

1. Daily Missions

Daily Missions will reward the players with AP Tokens. There are plenty of daily missions and every 24 hours fresh mission appears for the players to farm the Anima Points.

2. Campaign mode

Based on the game’s campaign progress, the game will reward players with a certain amount of AP Tokens. Each stage comes with a particular AP Token reward.

3. Arena ranking

Arena also rewards the players with Anima Points. Each week and season players can get Anima Points based o their overall rank in the arena.

Anima of Quantmix arena
Image via Quantmix

4. Guild ranking

During the course of the play, players join their respective guilds. From the guild ranking in Anima of Quantmix, players can get AP Tokens and eventually withdraw them and earn NFT or money.

Anima of Quantmix guild
Image via Quantmix

Not to mention, from the internal ranking of a guild, players can also receive a handsome amount of Anima Points!

5. Qliphort Weekly Ranking

Qliphort also gives the players Anima points based on their ranking. However, this reward is sent once the season is over.

6. AP Pass

AP pass is another way to earn Anima Points. The pass holders will receive the AP Tokens as they level up the pass.

7. In-game events

Anima of Quantmix comes with lots of events. Every time one or another event goes live in the game and each of them rewards the players with AP Tokens which they can ultimately withdraw as NFTs if they want.

Anima of Quantmix events
Image via Quantmix

8. Achievements

The in-game achievements also give the players AP Tokens. The more achievements are completed, the more AP Tokens players can receive.

9. In-game Ads

Players can also earn some extra AP Tokens by watching ads in their daily mission.

Hope these tips and tricks will be useful for the Anima of Quantmix players to earn more AP Tokens and to convert and withdraw those as NFTs.

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