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How to play and earn from YULGANG GLOBAL

Yulgang Global is available for both Android and IOS platforms

Yulgang Global is developed by Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary studio of Longtu Korea. Yulgang Global is an updated version of Yulgang Mobile, released in China in 2017. The game is an MMORPG blockchain game that is set around the features and gameplay of Yulgang Online. Yulgang Global is based on the globally famous Martial Arts comic IP ‘Yul-Hyul Kangho’ and had made massive noise before release with 5 Million pre-registrations. Now, in this article will discuss how to play and earn NFT and money on Yulgang Global.

Yulgang Global, Play to earn MMORPG
Image via Tigon Mobile

Yulgang Global has an immersive story where users will explore the Martial World that will face the unforeseen circumstances of the deadly battle between the Just and the Evil. The game has a unique weapon system which is divided into Seven classes distinguished by the primary weapons; Knife, Sword, Spear, Bow, Orb, Dagger, Staff, and a bonus Class Fist.

On the other hand, the game features a never seen Reloc System with Martial treasures like Fire Dragon Sword, the Demon Hunting Sword, and more. Players can challenge Sword Emperor, Blade Emperor, Dr. Yak, Guai Gai, and Shenguang in a dungeon on the special mode called ‘The Ultimate Five’.

How to earn by playing Yulgang Global

Yulgang Global is the first Yulgang game to have the Play to Earn feature, the game is based on blockchain technology which is facilitated to them by WEMIX. The utility token of the game is called the TIG token, and Crystal is the main currency of the game. TIG tokens can be purchased by players using various Cryptocurrencies and can then be exchanged for in-game resources such as Crystal.

Yulgang Global, Play to earn MMORPG
Image via Tigon Mobile

How to earn crystals in Yulgang Global

Crystal is the main resource of the game and can be earned easily by just playing Yulgang Global. Another way to obtain Crystal is by completing Daily Quests, Harvesting crystals in Dragon cave, Demonhunter Cave, or by shard crafting.

1. Daily Quests

Yulgang Global will have daily quests for players, on completing these daily quests players will get enough crystals that can be used for their daily activities. Daily Quests also reward players with EXP bonuses which will help increase the daily crystal production.

2. Dragon Cave

After reaching level 40 in Yulgang Global, players will be able to harvest crystals in the Dragon Cave. In the same Dragon Cave, players will be able to mine high-quality crystals after reaching level 60. These high quality crystals will give more crystals in return for mining.

3. Demon Hunter Cave

Demonhunter Cave is basically a location where players can go head to head against other players from servers across the world, winning players in the Demonhunter Cave will get crystals.

4. Shard Crafting

Players can find dropped crystal shards which they can craft again and turn into full-fledged Yulgang Crystals. Once players obtain these crystals they can be used to increase their skills and powers, upgrade their armor and attributes, use crystals and unlock EXP booster effect, or buy items from the crystal shop.

How to exchange the Yulgang Global Utility Tokens for Cryptocurrencies

After exchanging the Crystals for TIG Token in Yulgang Global, users can exchange the TIG tokens for WEMIX credit which can be exchanged for WEMIX Tokens which can then be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies.

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