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How to play and earn from Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena available on Android, iOS and PC platforms!!

Thetan Arena is a competitive play-to-earn MOBA NFT game based on blockchain technology developed by Vietnamese developer, Wolffun, launched in December of 2021. The game is comprised of role-playing, a multiplayer online battle arena, and fantasy elements. In this article, we’ll cover everything need to know about how players can play and earn NFT and eventually cryptocurrency and money from Thetan Arena.

What is Thetan Arena

Vietnamese developers, Wolffun released Thetan Arena in December of 2021, since then the game has been making noise in the market. Wolffun claims to be aiming at creating a sustainable GameFi ecosystem that integrates cryptocurrency, players, and media.

Thetan Arena, Thetan Arena NFT, how to play and earn from thetan arena
Image via Wolffun Game

The game is extremely engaging and requires the ultimate level of attention by players as opponents are also putting their skills to the test. Players can team with their friends or choose to go head to head against other players to earn token rewards for their skills.

Thetan Arena is unique because the development team claims to update the content of the game every month with rewards.

Thetan Arena game modes

Thetan Arena has different game modes for its players to play so that they can earn various rewards. The game modes are as follows:

1. Battle Royale

Thetan Arena Battle Royale consists of 42 players in total, players can choose to play the mode as a duo which will put them in a lobby of 21 duos. Players will find and destroy supply boxes and also kill enemies in the 4-minute long match.

2. Deathmatch

Thetan Arena’s Deathmatch is unlike other deathmatches from different games, here the players will have no limits on the number of kills they can have but the winner will be decided based on which team has the highest kills at the end of 3 minutes.

3. Superstar

In the Superstar mode, four random players form a team and compete with another team to get as many stars as possible within 4 minutes. If one team has 50 more stars than the other team they win outright, otherwise the team with the most stars at the end of 4-minute wins.

4. Tower Destroy

Tower Destroy has a total of 10 players and each game can last longer than 30 minutes. Four players randomly form a team and then two teams have 5 minutes to kill other team heroes and destroy the tower. If neither team’s tower is destroyed within 5 minutes, the team with the higher tower life value wins.

How to play and earn from Thetan Arena

1. Earn Tokens by playing different game modes

Thetan Arena has two different kinds of tokens. These tokens are:

  • Theta Coin (THC): The game has its own coin called the Theta Coin (THC), players can earn these Theta coins by simply playing the game, participating in special events, completing quests, and winning guild wars, through tournaments, or through ranking rewards. Once players earn these Theta coins, they can be seen in players’ wallets.
Thetan Arena, Thetan Arena NFT, how to play and earn from thetan arena
Image via Wolffun Game
  • Theta Gem (THG): The game has its own utility token that enables players to become investors called Theta Gem. Thetan Gems (THG) can be earned by players during special events in the game, by participating in tournaments, or by participating in marketplace activities.
Thetan Arena, Thetan Arena NFT, how to play and earn from thetan arena
Image via Wolffun Game

2. Exchange Thetan Arena tokens for cryptocurrencies

Players can exchange thetan tokens by following these steps:

  1. Once players earn THG tokens, they can go ahead and buy Thetan Boxes using these tokens.
  2. After buying Thetan Boxes, players will be able to open them and obtain heroes present inside them.
  3. These heroes will be in the form of NFTs.
  4. Players can then sell these on the marketplace.
Thetan Arena, Thetan Arena NFT, how to play and earn from thetan arena
Image via Thetan Arena Marketplace

To access the Thetan Arena marketplace, click here. Hope this small guide on how to play and earn money from Thetan Arena will be useful for the players.

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