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How to play and earn from NFTs battle

NFTs Battle is available on both Android and iOS platforms!!

NFTs Battle is a play-to-earn blockchain game developed by Taiwan-based blockchain experts. NFTs Battle is a 5v4 turn-based card game based on the Binance Smart Chain. In this article, we’ll discuss how the players can play and earn NFT and eventually cryptocurrency and money from NFTs Battle.

How to play NFTs Battle

In NFTs Battle players will need 5 Heroes and 40 skills to begin the game, on choosing their desired five heroes the game’s system will automatically assign the rest of the heroes to the players. Players can then set the heroes in the Nine square division and select the skill cards they want to use in the particular battle.

NFTs Battle, blockchain game, Play and earn, how to play and earn from nfts battle
Image via NFTs Battle

Once the battle starts players can only use 6 skill cards and 5 Mana in the beginning, the system will then distribute 3 skill cards each and recover 5 mana from each player. Players will have to strategically place cards as the placement of each card matters in deciding the overall victory of the battle.

How to earn money by playing NFTs Battle

NFTs Battle cards and Heroes are designed based on superhero characters from famous TV shows and movies, with the game the development team aims to open new doors for ordinary gamers into the GameFi world. To do that, the game has introduced several NFTs that players can purchase and keep as assets, this means players can have full authority over their game assets and use these NFTs without restriction in different blockchain games.

NFTs Battle, NFTs Battle game economy, NFTs Battle pay to earn
Image via Golden Era Capital Inc

The game revolves around 2 specific kinds of cards, Hero cards and Skill cards. Hero cards are ERC-721 standard tokens, Heroes are divided into species strength and individual strength values, each Hero will have species strength and at the same time have an individual value that is different from other heroes. On the other hand, Skill cards are also ERC-721 standard tokens which consist of players’ strategies that will be useful in battles.

NFTs Battle, blockchain game, Play and earn, how to play and earn from nfts battle
Image via NFTs Battle

Both Hero and Skill cards will not have values like Damage, firing range, attack, and HP recorded on the chain, but the game will have all the data recorded. The developers claim that this is to maintain the continuity of the game and does not mean that the Players’ NFT has no value. Because of this, players can import game assets from other games into NFTs Battle. NFTs Battle teams aim to create this environment and pave the way for the new way of playing blockchain games and owning NFT-based game assets.

Now, with the Play2Earn feature, players can earn these Hero and Skill cards, there are multiple ways with which players can obtain these cards. Playing the game and winning the battles is one of the easiest ways to earn these Hero and Skill cards, another way is by completing the in-game missions which reward players with Hero or Skill cards.

How to exchange Hero or Skill cards in the NFTs Battle marketplace

Once players earn their Hero and Skill cards by various in-game methods, they can make their way to the game’s very own marketplace which is designed for the NFTs Battle ecosystem.

NFTs Battle, blockchain game, Play and earn, how to play and earn from nfts battle
Image via NFT Battle Marketplace

On the NFTs Battle marketplace, players can sell Hero or Skill cards. Upgraded Skill or Hero cards usually have increased returns on selling them in the marketplace. Unlike other in-game marketplaces, NFTs Battle Marketplace doesn’t charge for listing or de-listing, perhaps they only charge 2.5% on each transaction to keep the marketplace up and running.

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