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How to Play and Earn from Kritika Global

Grind and earn!

The past few months have been extremely busy in the blockchain gaming circuit as major companies have started making their way to this futuristic style of gaming. One such company is ALLM which is famous for their game Kritika Online, and now they’ve released a blockchain version of their game called Kritika Global. And in this article we’ll discuss how the players can play and earn from Kritika Global.

Kritika Global is the same globally popular anime brawler title with blockchain technology and play-to-earn mechanics. ALLM has co-developed the game with Com2uS with big NFT functionalities coming for the game in the second quarter of this year.

How to Play and Earn on Kritika Global

Kritika Global runs on the widely famous and tested C2X platform, with numerous ways to customize characters and modify play styles that suit an individual’s taste. It is basically the redesigned version of the already famous MORPG Kritika Online.

Players can choose from seven classes and explore the adventure-filled land of Kirenos where there is destruction and tyranny because of dictator Alki. Players will explore the battle-stricken land of Kirenos, and try to liberate the land from Alki’s vicious dictatorship.

play and earn from Kritika Global, Kritika Global NFT
Image via Kritika Global

The game allows players to trade most of the things they possess as an attempt to create an encouraging atmosphere for players. Instead of using real cash to buy merchandise, players can now use in-game currency to buy merchandise.

As of now, the NFT features are not available in the game but the development team plans to roll out the NFT functionalities by the end of this year where players can trade NFT via trade center in the game and also an external NFT exchange.

Users can earn the in-game currency called Diamond through three P2E modes in the game which include Siege Wars and PvP tournaments, on the other hand they can earn Quartz from Daily missions and Arena mode.

The higher the rank of a player, the more diamonds he receives as reward, but diamonds can only be generated via player activities. On the other hand, Quartz can only be earned from specific content and can be used to buy equipment, random boxes, enhance combat power and in-game items. Quartz can then be used to obtain Kritika’s main token, KRX.

KRX is the utility token of the game which can be used on the C2X ecosystem.

Kritika Global tokenomics, play and earn from Kritika Global
Image via Kritika Global

How to exchange tokens in Kritika Global

Once players have earned enough diamonds, they can take the diamond to the C2X station and convert it into KRX. Players should install the C2X Station application for either Android or IOS platform and then create an account. They will then have to link their Kritika Global account view the number of diamonds they have, they can then convert them into KRX tokens which can again be converted into Quartz to buy in-game items and merchandise.

ALLM has revealed that they will be introducing advanced NFT functionalities to the game in the fourth quarter of 2022, players will then be able to trade their NFTs in NFT exchange and also buy NFTs.

Hope this guide on how to play and earn from Kritika Global will be useful to you!

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