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How to play and earn from Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

The in-depth guide

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a BNB Chain based casual RPG mobile game integrated with P2E. The game utilises the popular Hero Blaze IP while incorporating the most recent trend in casual RPGs. With the implementation of P2E (Play to Earn) in the casual RPG genre, it is the first partnership with NFT platform and metaverse game KLAYMETA. In this article, we’ll discuss how to play Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms and earn NFTs and eventually money.

How to play and earn from Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

how to play and earn Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms NFT
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Hero Blaze: The P2E system was created based on Three Kingdoms using MUDOL Stone and $MUDOL2. A brand-new digital asset called MUDOL2 Token ($MUDOL2) can be exchanged for MUDOL Stones, a vital in-game currency. Moreover, MUDOL Stones can be exchanged for $MUDOL2.

As the game progresses, players’ desire for MUDOL Stones, which have a special use in-game, increases. To get MUDOL Stones, users can either play the game longer or spend money on $MUDOL2. Players and token owners that contribute to the P2E ecosystem are rewarded with MUDOL Stones, which are allocated to the Play to Earn pool and used in-game as such.

How to earn Mudol Stone, the in-game currency

Obtaining MUDOL Stone, an in-game currency that can be exchanged for $MUDOL2, requires completing daily special tasks and earning weekly ranking prizes. MUDOL Stones can be used to buy a variety of goods in the specialised store or to get more plays in games like Infinity Rush, Expedition, and Duel.

How to earn MUDOL2, the utility token

You can exchange $MUDOL2 for MUDOL Stones to use in-game or stake it on the global website to obtain voting privileges (vMUDOL). By staking $MUDOL2 on the official global website, holders of $MUDOL2 receive voting rights (vMUDOL), which can be used to participate in votes for governance and exercise influence.

Every day at 0:00 (KST, UTC+9), the collected MUDOL Stones used in-game are converted to $MUDOL2. As compensation for sustaining the value of $MUDOL2 and their contribution to governance, 47.5 percent of the aforementioned amount will be awarded to vMUDOL holders who staked $MUDOL2 in the official worldwide website. As a treat for all players, another 47.5 percent will be added to the Play to Earn pool. To sustain the value of $MUDOL2, the final 5 percent will be burnt.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms
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How to exchange the tokens in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

On the official international website, MUDOL Stones earned during gameplay can be exchanged for MUDOL2 Tokens ($MUDOL2). By increasing the use of MUDOL Stone and trading MUDOL Stone and $MUDOL2 in relation to the exchange rate, inflation is controlled.

The amount of accumulated $MUDOL2 supplied in a defined amount each day in accordance with the distribution plan and the amount of accumulated MUDOL Stones moving about in the game determine the exchange rate. Every day at a specific moment, the exchange rate is adjusted.

The exchange rate will fall as the number of players and the total number of MUDOL Stones in circulation rise. The exchange rate will rise if fewer players are online and there are fewer MUDOL Stones floating about.

When converting MUDOL Stones to $MUDOL2, there will be a 3 percent conversion fee. This fee will be used to cover transaction fees and other costs associated with maintaining the ecosystem. If you swap $MUDOL2 for MUDOL Stones, there is no exchange cost.

How the staking works in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Holders of MUDOL2 Token ($MUDOL2) can earn rewards by staking. Stake $MUDOL2 if you own it to increase your earnings! However, this only happens at the official Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms website.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms staking
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The amount of vMUDOL earned can vary depending on the staking time, even when the same amount of $MUDOL2 is staked. Participants in long-term staking can increase their vMUDOL earnings and have a significant impact on Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms’ governance thanks to their increased voting rights.

All of the player’s staked $MUDOL2 will be repaid once the staking contract duration has ended and unstaking is completed. Please keep in mind when staking that the staking contract period will be renewed at the earliest end time.

Every day at 0:00 (KST, UTC+9), accumulated MUDOL Stones used in-game will be converted into $MUDOL2, with 47.5 percent of the $MUDOL2 going to vMUDOL holders who staked $MUDOL2 on the official global website. In exchange for preserving the value of $MUDOL2 and making a contribution to governance, this is done.

Final thoughts

Players that take part in various decision-making processes make up the decentralised community that governs Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. The developers aim that Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms will eventually be controlled by a completely decentralised community to utilise the play to earn feature of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms at its best.

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