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How to play and earn from Four Gods on WEMIX

A brief guide!

Four Gods on Wemix is a Blockchain-based Oriental Fantasy MMORPG Play To Earn game with an NFT system applied to game items like equipment and weapons. Players can grind in the game and earn valuable assets that they can turn into NFTs. And now, in this article, we’ll deep dive at how the in-game economy works at Four Gods on WEMIX and how the players can play and earn NFT and eventually money from the game.

How to earn by playing Four Gods on WEMIX

Four Gods on WEMIX is a blockchain-based Play and Earn Oriental Fantasy MMORPG game that is set in a large-scale fantasy world against the backdrop of the Oriental medieval age. The game revolves around the story of the Four Gods who will fight fierce battles to take away the RedGem from each other to become the legend of the Four Gods. This extremely immersive story is bound to keep users glued to the game. Players can obtain gears and equipment in the game through the normal crafting system.

Four Gods on WEMIX, WEMIX platform, Blockchain Games
Image via Four Gods on WEMIX

The game has Four Gods who weigh equal in skills and abilities, users will get a chance to experience these Gods go head to head against each other while displaying their extraordinary skills and actions beyond the mortal world. Four Gods on WEMIX also features a free economic system where users can trade various items with RedGem and then exchange them into LUX tokens.

How to get Red Gems

RedGems can be obtained by ‘Player Kill’ or through  Departed Towers, but users will need a ‘Departed Ticket’ to enter the Departed Towers. Users can then take the RedGems and use them to craft and activate character skills and abilities

RedGem can then be exchanged for Lux Tokens, which is the coin concept that connects the game with the outer world. Lux Tokens allow in-game assets to be exchanged, stored, sold, or purchased in the real world without any hassle.

The value of the Lux Token coins is guaranteed through the value of resources derived from the game.  Lux Token can then be converted into WEMIX credit which can be exchanged for WEMIX Tokens which can then be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies.

Four Gods On WEMIX characters

Four Gods on WEMIX, WEMIX platform, Blockchain Games
Image via StormGames

Azure Dragon

Azure Dragon is the son of an angel, who long ago left the heavens because he was not happy with the hypocrisy of the gods, this led to him losing all his powers and memory. He came to the earth and worked as a woodcutter in the Lin Yung Mountains. The devil takes away his beloved friend Shui Xian, and now Azure Dragon sets out to take revenge with his weapon Scimitar.

Black Tortoise

Black Tortoise was a human before falling into hell and becoming a Yacha. He was thrown into hell because he was responsible for the death of a lot of people in the war. His weapon is the shield and he is great at defense.

Vermillion Bird

Vermillion Bird is the protector of the Tidel desert, and also the leader of the Moon Shadow Warriors. She protected Shui Xian before married Azure Dragon. One day she found Shui Xian dead because of a demon. She is highly agile and is an extremely good attacker and her weapon is the bow.

White Tiger

White Tiger is a young Taoist orphan who has no idea about her birthplace; she was cared for by the fairies of Blossom Land. White Tiger is the god of Wisdom and she descends to the ground from Blossom Land after seeing the chaos. Her weapon is the Gem.

Players will have to keep in mind factors such as class, abilities, and skills before choosing the characters to progress forward in the game efficiently. Four Gods on WEMIX is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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