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How to play and earn from Every Farm

Every Farm is now available on both Android and iOS platforms!!

Every Farm is a Play-to-Earn blockchain game developed and published by the South Korean blockchain gaming platform, Wemade Connect. Every Farm is a multiplayer farm management game where anyone can build a farm, grow crops, cook food, open restaurants and engage with players from all over the world. In this article, we’ll discuss how the players can earn NFT and eventually cryptocurrency and money from Every Farm.

Every Farm mixes simulation with blockchain elements

Every Farm is a multiplayer farm management game where users can experience farming, cooking food, opening restaurants, etc. by engaging with people from all over the world. The game is built with an independent token system that runs on blockchain technology and provides a stable and wide variety of services through the world’s first and innovative P&E platform WEMIX.

Every Farm, Play to Earn, WEMIX, Blockchain game
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Users will take on the journey by quitting the busy city life and returning to the village, where they will meet an old friend who will happily help them set up their farm. From there on users will cultivate crops, raise animals, and then harvest the crops to sell them in the market. Users can decorate their farm the way they want and also grow the community into a small village.  Players can also run a restaurant in the game, and cook dishes like Pizza and Pasta with ingredients like milk, wheat, and corn.

Players will also have to manage their restaurant on their own. Players can make new friends by completing quests and interacting with other villagers. Every Farm has four characters, Lena who is an expert in farming, Tom who is a farm secretary, Irvin who is a rich farmer from the neighboring village, and Chelsea who is Irvin’s secretary and maid.

How to earn by playing Every Farm

Unlike usual Play2Earn games that mainly focus on making money, Every Farm is focused on entertainment as the primary aspect and then earning as the second aspect.

Every Farm has its own utility token called ‘Flero Token’  which can be used to connect the outside world and the game. And the main resource of the game is called ‘hearts’ which can be obtained by just playing the game.

Flero token, Eevery Farm, Play to Earn, WEMIX, Blockchain game
Image via WeMade Connect

Users can earn hearts by performing all kinds of activities in the game, cultivating crops, selling crops, selling food in the restaurant, and by doing financial activities, users can earn hearts by competing against each other to produce more crops and cook dishes faster.

How to exchange Every Farm utility token for cryptocurrencies

Every Farm, Play to Earn, WEMIX, Blockchain game
Image via WeMade Connect

Once users have obtained hearts by performing various farm and financial activities, they will be able to exchange them for Flero tokens, and then these tokens can be exchanged for WEMIX credits, and then these WEMIX credits can be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies.

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