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How to play and earn from Dark Eden M on WEMIX

Dark Eden M will be available for both Android and IOS platforms.

Dark Eden M, published by WeMade CONNECT is a blockchain game with player and environment game content based on a war between Vampires and Slayers. Dark Eden M integrated on the WEMIX Ecosystem enhances the rewards and tangible/intangible game goods for all actions performed on game platforms. In this article, we’ll discuss how players can play and earn NFT and eventually money by playing Dark Eden M on WEMIX.

Dark Eden M on WEMIX is the first mobile horror MMORPG that features the fierce rivalry between the slayers and the vampires. The story is based around the never-ending battle between these two forces, the vampires have been searching for a part of Lilith’s soul, the Blood Bible which is sealed in Adam’s holy land for thousands of years now to set them free from the curse of light.

On the other hand, the Slayers are establishing an organization called the EVE against vampires. This leads to the battle between the slayers and the vampires in Dark Eden on WEMIX.

How to earn by playing Dark Eden M

In Dark Eden M on WEMIX, DEBCO is the utility token that connects the real world to the game, Debco can be purchased by players using various Cryptocurrencies and can then be exchanged for in-game resources such as Tier Medal/Rank Medal.

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How to obtain Tier Medal/Rank Medal

Rank Medal is the main resource of the game and can be warned easily by playing Dark Eden M on WEMIX. There are a few other ways with which players can easily earn a huge amount of Rank Medals, it includes Completing Missions and achievements, acquiring at Space-time monastery/Temaria sanctuary, or by playing PVP mode.

Players can obtain Rank Medal by completing missions available in the game. The game has several missions and achievements for players to complete which can help them obtain Rank Medal. After successfully reaching level 40, players will gain access to a special dungeon called Space-time Monastery or Temaria Sanctuary, where players will be able to farm or mine more Rank Medals.

PVP mode is basically the battle between two races, the vampires and the slayers, the winning side in the battle will get rewards like Rank Medals. Once the Rank Medals are obtained, they can be used to modify items or can be used in the Roulette spin or even at the Tier Medal store to buy items.

dark eden m, dark eden m wallpaper, dark eden m nft, dark eden m on wemix
Image via WeMade CONNECT

How to exchange the DEBCO utility token for Cryptocurrency

After exchanging the Rank Medals for DEBCO, users can exchange the DEBCO for WEMIX credit which can be exchanged for WEMIX Tokens which can then be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies.

Note: DEBCO can be exchanged for WEMIX credits only after a player reaches level 45.

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