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How to play and earn from CRABADA

CRABADA is available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms!

CRABADA is an NFT Play-to-Earn idle blockchain game on the Avalanche network. CRABADA is a GameFi project set in the future where the world is conquered and ruled by fierce hermit crabs called Crabada. Players will take on the task of rediscovering the thriving community of Crabada and earn necessary in-game currency like CRA (Crabada), TUS (Treasure Under Sea), and CRAM (Crabada Amulet) by completing tasks like mining, looting, crafting, battling, exploring, and crafting. In this article, we’ll discuss how the players can play and earn NFT and eventually cryptocurrency and money from CRABADA.

What are CRABADA tokens

Crabada has three utility tokens to maintain the game’s economic system. The tokens are CRA, TUS, and CRAM.

Crabada, Blockchain games, play and earn games, NFT
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First, let’s understand these tokens:

  • CRA (Crabada): Players can earn CRA, Which is the governance token of the game, by just playing the game during the incentive period.
  • TUS (Treasure Under The Sea): TUS is the in-game currency that can be earned by playing the game in the form of looting, mining, and lending crabs via the Tavern. TUS can also be bought via DEX.
  • CRAM (Crabada Amulet): CRAM is an amulet that can be earned through staking CRA for in-game perks and exclusive rewards.

How to get CRABADA tokens

Players can earn these tokens by doing either one or all of the following activities:

Crabada, Blockchain games, play to earn games, NFT
Image via CRABADA

1. Mining Expedition

Players can earn TUS by deploying Crabada into various mining expeditions, to start a mining expedition, players must-have group of three and after forming a mining party, players will select an empty mine and the Crabada will take over from there as it’s an idle game player don’t have to anything. Each mining expedition lasts for 4 hours, at the end of which players will get 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS as rewards.

Crabada, Blockchain games, play to earn games, NFT
Image via CRABADA

2. Looting Missions

Players can earn TUS by taking on a looting mission. First players must form a looting party of three players. Then players will select a mine that is already being mined by another player. Once selected the Crabada will engage in a claw-to-claw battle with the Mining party. Unlike Mining missions, looting missions involve high risk with very less rewards. A successful Looting Mission would result in stealing 65% of the Mining Party’s rewards, for a sum of 2.4375 CRA and 197.4375 TUS.

Crabada, Blockchain games, play to earn games, NFT
Image via CRABADA

3. Hiring Mercenaries

Idle Crabada who are not taking part either in mining or looting party can still earn rewards by being deployed to the Tavern as mercenaries. Players who are short of staff can hire idle Crabada as reinforcements for battle, but they cannot hire idle Crabada as a part of the mining or looting party.

How to exchange TUS in CRABADA Marketplace

Crabada, Blockchain games, play to earn games, NFT
Image via CRABADA

Unlike other Play to Earn games, Crabada has its own NFT marketplace, where players can explore the list of Crabada which are on sale and also list their Crabada for sale. Players can sell Crabada by listing it with an asking price, buyers will then purchase Crabada by spending their TUS from their wallets. Sellers will be charged a 3.85% service fee for every transaction.

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