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Genshin Impact leaks show upcoming Hydro Archon and a Geo Character

New region with new characters

Genshin Impact is always creating new content, including regions and characters. Genshin has, up to this point, freed four of the seven nations that make up Teyvat; the most recent of them to be liberated is Sumeru. The next nation that will be made available is Fontain, which is modelled by the culture of France in the actual world. The Hydro Archon, also known as the Goddess of Justice, presides over the nation of Fontain. Characters of different ilk appear with the rise of each new nation. Leaks about two characters from Fontain have been discovered on Reddit, even though the release of Fontain is still many months away. Because none of the leaks has been verified to an absolute certainty, readers are cautioned to take everything with a grain of salt.

A new Hydro Archon and a Geo character might be coming to Genshin Impact

According to a post by Redditor u/evnxxz, one of the upcoming characters is expected to be a Hydro Archon. However, the post has already been deleted from Reddit due to copyright claims. The assertion cannot be verified. However, the character’s design is consistent with the information that was discovered to be released about the Hydro Archon. However, it is also possible that the person who leaked the information saw another character with a description that was similar and misidentified that figure as the Hydro Archon.

genshin impact hydro archon leak
Image via Reddit

The design of this character is similar to that of Seele, a character that appears in Honkai Impact 3rd, which is the sister game of Genshin Impact and was also created by Hoyoverse. It would not be the first time that Hoyoverse has produced a Genshin Impact character largely based on a Honkai Impact character; it would be the second time. The Honkai Impact characters Wendy, Raiden Mei, and Yae Sakura inspired the creation of the characters Venti, Raiden Shogun, and Yae Miko, respectively.

Another user who goes by the name u/ExpressionDesigner30 on Reddit has posted more probable leaks on another character who is assumed to be a five-star Geo character. However, this post has been removed from Reddit for the same reason. Some players have been misled into thinking that this character belongs to the Geo faction because of the colour scheme she uses.

However, given Hoyoverse has established a pattern of releasing at least one character from each element that does not adhere to the colour scheme of said element, it is feasible that she belongs to some element other than Geo. This is a possibility because Hoyoverse has established this pattern.

What are your thoughts on the leaked Fontaine characters of Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments!

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