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Genshin Impact anime leaks: concept trailer, timeline, region, story, and more

Know what happened before the game

A popular open-world role-playing game called Genshin Impact will soon be the focus of an anime series. The anime series is reportedly being made by the creators of Demon Slayer. The stunning Genshin Impact clips just published by HoYoverse make it simple to imagine what the game may be like as a full-fledged TV anime series. Honkai Impact also had a number of animated shorts developed and published to the game’s YouTube account, so this isn’t Hoyoverse’s first experience with anime. The Genshin Impact anime leaks first came to light after the notorious leaker @teyvattabloid posted screenshots of the news from the marketing department of the anime.

Genshin Impact anime: everything that has been leaked

It appears that the anime will take place before Aether and Lumine arrive in Teyvat. The end of the Archon War, the appearance of Aether and Lumine, a journey through Teyvat, and the destruction of Khaenri’ah 500 years ago come after the opening sequence of Genshin Impact.

Approximately one-fourth of the 12 episodes for Mondstadt have already been completed after 18 months of labor. The plot is intriguing, and the VFX is superb, so it will keep viewers and fans intrigued.

This interpretation of Genshin Impact’s storyline is intriguing. Making Genshin Impact’s lore a prequel guarantees that it won’t conflict with the lore given by the anime in the future.

More leaks on the Genshin Impact anime were shared by u/Nemnemi83 who posted the leaks on the subreddit r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks. The post of the chat reiterates what was expressed in the first post regarding the anime’s impending plot and how much of it has already been completed.

The anime comes to a close with the start of Genshin Impact, the game’s opening scene. As a result, the cartoon series might be considered a predecessor to HoYoverse. This interpretation is particularly intriguing because many fans believed that the anime would depict a unique Traveler story or take place in a different timeframe. Though it would give Teyvat’s universe far more richness, it seems to primarily focus on things that happened before the game.

genshin impact anime leak
Image via u/Nemnemi83 on Reddit

Some major, previously unrevealed moments from the story of Genshin are eagerly anticipated by many gamers. The sources indicate that this next series will have excellent animation and a gripping plot to display these scenes. The anime will make a great contribution to Genshin Impact’s history. The only two companies we can really count on to deliver a project this scales that all the fans will like are Hoyoverse and Ufotable.

What are your thoughts on the leaks of Genshin Impact anime? Let us know in the comments below!

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