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Genshin Impact CBT map leaks show the entire seven nations of Teyvat

Get a look into all the maps

A highly reliable Genshin Impact leaker by the name of Lumie recently tweeted some very deep details concerning the first Genshin Impact Closed Beta Test (CBT). The leak revealed a complete map layout of Teyvat and also included information about the seven nations as well as other locations. Genshin Intel donated the translations, while Lumie herself overlaid the historical maps on Twitter.

Genshin Impact developers had this planned for a long time

Teyvyat was compiled and created, according to the leaker, around January 2021, meaning it was done before Inazuma was included in the game. The developer’s notes, which are from the first Closed Beta Client, are reported to have been written sometime in 2019. Therefore, the creators had already prepared all of these before Genshin Impact was formally made available to the public.

genshin impact full map
Image via HoYoverse

Of course, there are several notable differences that are later incorporated into the actual game, such as the fact that Dragonspine is centered around the general area of Sumeru, numerous revisions to Inazuma’s layout, and the exclusion of sites like “Onsen Fanservice” from the latter.

The location of the upcoming regions of Genshin Impact got leaked

From the leaks, we have got a probable idea of how the upcoming regions will be and where will they be situated. The Fontaine region will most likely be situated around the rivers. The new region would be situated westward toward Liyue and Mondstadt.

Another region called Natlan will most likely be situated in the south of the map. Arabalika, who lives in Sumeru might as well be connected to Natlan as there is a place on the map called “Arabalika’s Fight Club.”

Information regarding the other regions was still not confirmed by the leaker. However, it is very much possible that we will see a map expansion on the north side of the map. The leak also revealed the location of Celestia and some developer notes about the scattered Celestia shards in Teyvat.

However, keep in mind that all the information is leaked information. These might not as well turn out to be true in the future. More updates regarding the new region will be announced by the developers in the future.

What are your thoughts on the leak of the Teyvyat map? Let us know in the comments!

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